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Tucha is the first cloud infrastructure provider in Ukraine.

Our company has been operating since 2012, and during this time we have implemented more than 3000 projects such as virtualization of offices and separate applications, organization of cloud IT infrastructure and data protection in the cloud.

We provide:

  • flexible configurations of virtual servers;
  • backup hosting services;
  • reliable placement of websites and mail in Ukrainian or foreign data centers;
  • data storage and fast file sharing.

Tucha.cloud service is secure storage of your data or data of your customers, top-class round-the-clock technical support and quick response on any issue.

Our services:

  • TuchaFlex+. Virtual servers and private networks of any configuration outside Ukraine (mainly in Germany).
  • TuchaBit+. Ultra-fast virtual servers based on modern processors at an affordable cost.
  • TuchaBit. Balanced configuration servers at a good price in Ukraine.
  • TuchaHost. Virtual servers with high-capacity HDD disks at a budget-friendly price for projects with low requirements for performance.
  • TuchaHosting. Stable, fast and efficient hosting of sites and mail with top-class support.
  • TuchaBackup. Reliable cloud backup storage.
  • TuchaSync. Storage, synchronization and quick file exchange of any format.
  • TuchaMetal. Dedicated servers in Europe for maximum performance.
  • TuchaKube. Service for providing container infrastructure and CI/CD automation for building high-load IT systems and development management.

      With Tucha.cloud services you get round-the-clock access to your information from anywhere in the world. You can get access from any device and help in protecting your data from loss, damage, and malicious attacks.

      All our services operate in the computing cloud in Tier 3 security level data centers or higher.

    What are the benefits?

    Are you looking for a reliable provider to host a CRM system or accounting program? Are your clients asking your advice about the choice of stable cloud services for hosting web sites? Have you noticed that the cost of maintaining your own IT infrastructure is constantly growing?

    We will help!

    Tucha.cloud cloud services will help you to save your money and increase the reliability of data storage.


    With us you get a fast and qualified response to your request: we are in touch 24х7, and we reply to most emails within the first 13 minutes after the request.

    Client-oriented approach
    Client-oriented approach

    Our very client-oriented support will always help you. Check out our client reviews on the site to be sure.


    You get the reliable cloud service provider. The best proof is our clients who joined us at the start and still use our Tucha.cloud services.


    You can test any service for free within 7 days.

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