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Affiliate program

We like to be useful. Thanks to our work, other companies develop their business more effectively and earn more. Our partners are web studios, integrators, software developers and implementers, those people who somehow help their clients to solve their problems using IT. And clouds are the perfect tool that makes it much easier.

Partnership with us means friendship, reliable support, and confidence that your clients get the best service. Of course, we have a partner reward, but this is not the point. Our partners appreciate us for what we do to their clients. They will never have to blush for us.


More than 1000 partners confidently recommend us


If you are implementing solutions based on 1C, Bitrix24, ERP, telephony, etc.

Sell your solution directly from the cloud or transfer existing customers to the cloud. 

You get:

  • A satisfied client and a comprehensive offer
  • Ability to earn extra money by migrating applications to the cloud, implementing and maintaining the client (remote system administration)
  • Guaranteed high level of application fault tolerance in the cloud (SLA)
  • Flexible management and extended configuration in minutes
  • High reliability of data storage, protection from unwanted unauthorized access and equipment breakdowns
  • Additional features of client data encryption and protection
If you are a web studio and develop cool websites and apps

Host projects in the cloud and expand your business based on our services. 

You get:

  • High performance in the optimized environment
  • Free assistance in transferring client sites to hosting
  • Flexible tariff plans, the ability to activate the Reseller option
  • The best on the market 24/7 technical support
  • Our services will be convenient and profitable for your clients, as there are various payment options, VAT, closing accounting documents
If you administer IT infrastructure for multiple businesses

Move it to the cloud and stop wasting your time on endless trips for tedious minor computer field repairs. 

You get:

  • Ability to administer your clients from a single center
  • Access from anywhere in the world and from any device
  • Security, guarantee, and reliability of European-level data centers
  • 24х7 fast and high-quality service
  • Satisfied customers
Becoming a partner is easy
Sign up for the affiliate program
Sign up for the affiliate program
Attract customers in Tucha
Attract customers in Tucha
Receive affiliate reward
Receive affiliate reward
The principles of affiliate programs
The essence of the program Attracting customers through referral links and direct recommendations
Rules of the game     Public offer
Initial financial investments


Sales plan Absent
Special certification Absent
Special trainings Плюс
Marketing support Плюс
Transferring non-core tasks to partners Плюс
Withdrawal restrictions Without any restrictions
Transparency of tariffs Плюс

Money withdrawal reward

  • up to 10 clients per month
  • 10 or more clients per month


10% of customer payments

15% of customer payments

Services withdrawal reward 15% of customer payments
Payment period The entire period while a customer with us
Benefits of partnership
Become a partner
  • Quick start — registration in 3 minutes
  • Profit from the first sale — without initial investments and mandatory purchases
Become a partner
  • Unlimited payments — for each client, the partner receives a reward during the whole time the client uses and pays for our services
  • Reliable partnership — we have been working in the IT market since 2005
Become a partner
  • There are no hidden fees and tariffs are transparent
  • Accepting payments to current accounts with the issuance of all closing documents including tax invoices
  • Linking to the NBU exchange rate
  • Guarantees to customers (SLA, contract)

We guarantee that the client who came on the recommendation of a partner will be satisfied

Support of partners
Demo access
Demo access

Affiliate priority for tests

24х7 Technical support
24х7 Technical support

The best multilingual 24х7 technical support

Happy customers
Happy customers

Special attention to the client's tasks

Marketing support
Marketing support

Joint marketing events, promotional materials, and promotions

Tucha Calculators
Tucha Calculators

Integration of calculators on a partner's website

Education and training
Education and training

Education and training for specialists

Who are our partners
Who are our partners
  • Web studios
  • Advertising agencies
  • Freelancers
  • Telecom operators
  • Industry information publishers
  • Call-centers
  • System integrators
  • Service centers
  • Developers
  • IT outsourcers
  • IT startups
  • IT professional
Become a partner

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