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Storage, synchronization and quick file sharing


Dear Clients!

We inform you that the conclusion of new contracts for the provision of the TuchaSync service has been terminated. We continue to provide services to customers who have already signed a contract and are using TuchaSync cloud storage.

We invite you to learn more about other current Tucha services.


Store and share files with your employees

TuchaSync is a cloud storage solution for hosting and syncing files of all formats. You can upload and download necessary files anytime and anywhere. With TuchaSync, you will forget about data loss when a laptop is broken, a thumb drive is lost, or during power cuts.

Choose a ready-made solution

These are the configurations that our customers most frequently choose

100 GB
2.50 / month
108.16 ₴ / month
$ 2.67 / month
10.77 zł / month
Disk space:100 Gb
300 GB
7.50 / month
324.49 ₴ / month
$ 8.02 / month
32.32 zł / month
Disk space:300 Gb
500 GB
12.50 / month
540.82 ₴ / month
$ 13.37 / month
53.86 zł / month
Disk space:500 Gb
1 TB
25.00 / month
1 081.65 ₴ / month
$ 26.74 / month
107.72 zł / month
Disk space:1000 Gb

For legal entities that pay VAT, the price already includes VAT

Set up your configuration

 Choose the required amount of resources for your tasks 

Disk space
Choose the required amount of GB
Minimum order 100 Gb

For legal entities that pay VAT, the price already includes VAT

VIP packages

Configuration includes round-the-clock technical support and regular data backup which are stored on the drive

VIP TuchaSync 10 GB
Disk space:
10 GB
Technical support:
Price, monthly:
€ 10.00
VIP TuchaSync 25 GB
Disk space:
25 GB
Technical support:
Price, monthly:
€ 25.00
VIP TuchaSync 50 GB
Disk space:
50 GB
Technical support:
Price, monthly:
€ 50.00
VIP TuchaSync 100 GB
Disk space:
100 GB
Technical support:
Price, monthly:
€ 100.00
TuchaSync features
24x7 Support
24x7 Support
Round-the-clock expert guidance and timely assistance of our specialists
You can store any type of files: photos, videos, music, documents, and archives
Wherever you are, connect to the Internet and necessary files will be with you
Send files from your computer, download them from your smartphone, and vice versa
Send necessary files to the storage and download them in a few clicks
Storing files only on your computer is not secure. Your files are 100% protected in the cloud
Mobile files hosting

Mobile files hosting

TuchaSync is reliable cloud storage for hosting, storing, and sharing files of all formats. With our file hosting, you will have access to the necessary documents, archives, photos, and videos on any device. Also, you will be able to view, download and edit files at any time. TuchaSync is the additional protection of your data. Placing files only on a PC or smartphone does not guarantee that important information is safe.

Sync with your smartphone

Sync with your smartphone

You can use the TuchaSync cloud to store files not only on your laptop or PC but also on your smartphone. TuchaSync syncs easily with your device: you can download any necessary files from your computer, and upload them to your smartphone, and vice versa. That is why storing data in the cloud is convenient and easy both for personal use and work.

Data storage reliability

Data storage reliability

TuchaSync cloud storage securely places your data outside Ukraine in data centers with Tier 3 security level or higher. The guaranteed availability of the service is 99.9%.

Файлообменник на 1 ТБ

Облачный сервис на 1 ТБ — незаменимый инструмент для бизнеса. Он позволяет обмениваться файлами с другими пользователя и делиться ссылками на необходимые документы. При этом настроить права доступа можно для разных пользовательсих групп в зависимости от их полномочий и потребностей.

Хранилище в облаке для фотографий

Сервис TuchaSync как нельзя лучше подойдет для хранения фотографий. Даже при случайном удалении фото на основном устройстве, с активированной функцией резервного копирования его всегда можно будет восстановить за считанные секунды.

Облачное хранилище для музыки

С сервисом TuchaSync у пользователей всегда есть быстрый доступ к любимой музыке. Специальное приложение Nextcloud синхронизируется с сервером, что позволяет воспроизводить файлы на самых разных устройствах.

Файлообменник для видео

Для хранения видеоматериалов обычно требуется большой объем памяти, особенно если оно снято в высоком разрешении. Это делает хранение видео на смартфоне или других твердых носителях не совсем удобным и дополнительно занимает дисковое пространство. Однако облако отлично подойдет для этой задачи. Загружайте видео любого размера с помощью приложения на ПК, ноутбуке, планшете или смартфоне без ограничений.

Cloud storage with multilingual support

Cloud storage with multilingual support

With the TuchaSync service, you get not only reliable and convenient file hosting, which will have enough space for all important information, but also top-class technical support. The team of  Tucha is in touch 24×7. We will answer your questions and help in solving any problems at any time.

Download our mobile application

TuchaSync mobile client syncs with the storage, so you can work with the same files from your computer and smartphone. Install TuchaSync mobile application and carry all your important files and documents right in your pocket.

Popular questions

How can I share files in the cloud?

To share files with other users, open access to the required files and share the link. The owner controls the storage. You can manage the guest access period, set permissions for working with files and allow users to upload their files to the cloud.

Will I have remote access to files?

Yes, you can use cloud storage not only on your PC or laptop but also on your smartphone. TuchaSync easily syncs with your mobile device. Download the necessary files from your computer and save them on your smartphone and vice versa. If you have Internet access, you have round-the-clock access to your files from anywhere in the world.

How to connect to the service?

It is possible to connect to the server via the WebDAV Protocol and synchronize files using any WebDAV client.

Are there any restrictions on the size of downloaded files?

You can upload and download files of all formats and sizes.
When you use a PC or smartphone or application you can download files without any restrictions.
When you use a browser the file size cannot exceed 512 MB.

Haven`t found the answer? Write to us
Our customer reviews

I want to write some good words...

We have been cooperating since 2014, the maximum uptime of the server was more than 600 days. At the same time, availability was at the highest level. All technical issues that appeared were resolved in the shortest possible time.

We will continue to cooperate with Tucha. Thank you very much for the quality service!

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Senior support engineer

It was very comfortable and convenient to work with you. Special thanks to Vadim for the quick response and individual approach. Tucha is one of our best suppliers.

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Private Company Nerex

To be honest, I have never used in my life Tucha cloud solutions. But I worked for this company as a copywriter for about a year. My main impression is an unrealistically high focus on customer comfort. Sometimes I heard in the kitchen how the technicians told me that they moved the site to another server overnight (or something like that, sorry, I haven't worked in this area for two years, something has forgotten, so I can incorrectly use professional terminology), so as not to interfere with the client's work during the day. ...

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Ex-employee of Tucha

Like the service. Guys respond quickly to requests and help solve all the questions that arise. There is a feeling that when a problem occurs, you are not left alone with your problem.

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LLC CME Tekhnolohiyi komfortu

Our company started working with TUCHA.UA back in 2012 when providers who provided this kind of service could be counted on the fingers of two hands all over the world, and in Ukraine, one hand of a 5-level milling machine operator would be enough :) and we did not lose with the choice. And from that distant time, TUCHA.UA has become our key partner in providing cloud computing resources to us and our customers. For 7 years of cooperation, we have never had any failures or lack of service availability. We always sure that our clients' servers are fine, and their data is in reliable and fast storage.
Well done, You're the best.

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Head of IT Department

Super fast and really helpful support with minimal correspondence

Read Full Story

We use the services for remote access to 1C and accounting. They helped us set up everything on the server quickly and efficiently, and provided an opportunity to test it on several configurations. Until today, everything works stably and smoothly:) Special thanks for it! I definitely recommend. Guys are professionals in their sphere, it's nice that Ukraine has high-level specialists who suggested and implemented a solution for our task!

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Curator of the project

Over the entire period of interaction, they have shown themselves as a reliable partner. All works are performed promptly and with a high level of professionalism. This is a company that you can trust!!! Personal thanks to Vadim!!! Pros in their sphere... pleasure to do business with them!

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Private entrepreneur
Private Company Medvedev

Our cooperation with Tucha.UA started in 2013, that is why we have reasons to say that this cloud provider is a reliable partner. In our partnership with Tucha.UA, we build the imaginary infrastructure of calculating machines for our clients to work with a variety of software such as 1C, M.E. Doc, etc.

Over the time that we have been working together, we already have proven templates. ...

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Kosheliuk Roman
Scientific and production enterprise Logika

We have been working with Tucha for 2-3 years. During this time, they have shown great service, fast solution of any issues (which, by the way, are almost absent:) except for the opening of new services), very stable operation of all services.
Special thanks to the Partner Department for their cooperation. 
I can vouch for these guys!

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Aleksei Diubanov
CRM Genesis
How our cloud works

Our data center has Tier 3 level of reliability, which ensures the availability of information even during technical works. The servers have Intel Xeon E5 processors version 3 or higher and a frequency of at least 2.4 GHz. For data storage we use SSD drives combined in RAID10 disk arrays. The role of a data storage system is performed by Supermicro servers. Apache CloudStack is used as a cloud management system, and the hypervisor is KVM. Most equipment is installed in the Telehouse Frankfurt data center in Germany.

1000 Mbit/s
Unlimited traffic
150000+ IOPS
SLA 99.9%
Data centres Tier 3 level or higher
Multilingual support
Other services

Virtual servers and private networks of any configuration in Europe

Balanced servers configuration at a good price in Ukraine

Service for providing container infrastructure and CI/CD automation for building high-load IT systems and development management

Fast virtual servers based on modern processors with data centers in Ukraine and abroad

Stable and fast website and mail hosting with exceptional support 

Secure backup storage for your business


Virtual servers with high-capacity HDD disks

Dedicated servers in Europe for maximum performance

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