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one-time payment           € 1.00
monthly      602.00

Kubernetes cluster resources:

  • authority – a separate Kubernetes cluster
  • total amount of RAM – up to 32 GB
  • total CPU time – up to 16 CPU cores

Storage resources:

  • authority – a separate Ceph cluster
  • total volume of persistent volumes is up to 1000 GB
  • return policy – optional for each PVC
  • storage types – Ceph RBD (RWO), CephFS (RWX), Ceph RGW (S3-compatible)

Repository resources:

  • authority – a separate GitLab environment
  • number of GitLab users – with no restrictions
  • storage of artifacts – without restrictions
  • docker image storage – up to 100 GB

Percona XtraDB Cluster database resources:

  • authority – a separate Percona XtraDB Cluster
  • number of database users – without restrictions
  • number of databases without any restrictions
  • amount data – up to 100 GB


  • separate nginx-ingress
  • automatic issuance of Let's Encrypt certificates
  • number of IP addresses – 1

DevOps Services:

  • initial configuration of CI / CD processes (assembly, testing, containerization, publishing)
  • additional configuration — 25 EUR/hour
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