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Cookies Policy

Comes into force from 25.05.2018

Cookies Policy (hereinafter the Cookies Policy) describes the use of Cookies on this Site (sections No.01-05 of this Cookies Policy).

Cookies help to ensure the effective operation of the Site and improve it.

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Section No. 01 What are Cookies

Cookies are simple text files that are stored on your computer or mobile device by the website`s server. Only the same server will be able to receive or read the contents of these Cookies. 

Each Cookie file is unique for your web browser. It contains certain anonymous information, such as a unique identifier, site name, and several digits. This information allows the site to remember certain things, for example, your preferences.

Cookies may be stored by the website where you are staying - these are the main Cookies, or by other websites that display their content on the page that you are viewing - these are third-party Cookies.

Cookies are not viruses and use a simple text format. They are not a segment of code, and they can not function independently. They do not create copies or distribute them in other networks. 

Section No. 02 What are the types of Cookies

Cookies can be classified in many ways, one of them concerns the duration of their storage, i.e. how long they are stored in your web browser. 

Classification of Cookies: 

  • Session Cookies are temporary and stored only until the web browser is turned off. They will be automatically deleted by your web browser after you close your web browser or end your session;
  • Persistent Cookies remain on your computer's hard drive or electronic media until they are deleted or until they expire. These Cookies are stored in your web browser (the specific location depends on the browser and its version) for a certain period of time;
  • Third-party Cookies are set by a different domain/service than the one you visited.

For more information about Cookies, please follow the link:

Section No. 03 Site

Main Site Cookies:

No. Cookies Purpose of use Storage time
1. Statistics category
1.1. _ga Registers the ID that used to get statistics about users who visit this website 2 years
1.2. _gat Uses Google Analytics to reduce the number of requests 1 day
  _gid Registers the ID that used to get statistical data, helps website to distinguish visitors 1 day
2. Marketing
2.1. _fbp Used by Facebook to deliver a series of advertising products, such as real-time auctions from third-party advertisers 3 months
3. Others
3.1. biatv-cookie Determines the number of website visits 2 years
3.2. bingc-activity-data Provides an overview of website activity 1 day

Third-party Site Cookies*:

№ п/п Файл Cookies Час зберігання
1.1. ads/ga-audiences Session
2.1. fr 3 months
2.2. tr Session
3.1. GPS 1 day
3.2. PREF 8 months
3.3. VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE 179 days
3.4. YSC Session
3.5. yt-remote-cast-installed Session
3.6. yt-remote-connected-devices Stable
3.7. yt-remote-device-id Stable
3.8. yt-remote-fast-check-period Session
3.9. yt-remote-session-app Session
3.10. yt-remote-session-name Session
4.1. IDE 1 year
4.2. test_cookie 1 day

* Third-party Cookies of the Site may be modified and/or supplemented by the services that install them, depending on the algorithms of these services. We recommend you to read the Cookies Policy on the websites of the relevant services.

Section No. 04 Cookies management

Cookies are stored in your web browser that is used to access the Site on the Internet.

Almost all web browsers allow you to detect Cookies and block them automatically. 

You can refuse Cookies in your web browser settings.

Web browser settings are usually found in the “Settings” menu. 

For information about Cookies for some common web browsers, see the links below:

For more information, please refer to your web browser's documentation.

If you disable only third-party Cookies, you will be able to use the site, but some of its content will be unavailable. If you disable all Cookies, this will cause the Site to not work properly.


You can disable Cookies on the device that you are using at a certain moment. These settings are not automatic for all your devices.

Section No. 05 Updates

We reserve the right to change, add, and/or delete part of the Cookies Policy at any time. Information about the main Cookies published on the Site is current. Information about third-party Cookies is updated periodically.

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