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(basic level of technical support for the Tucha Virtual Infrastructure (TuchaBit))

Comes into force from 01.01.2019

1. The basic level of technical support for The Tucha Virtual Infrastructure (TuchaBit) (hereinafter the Virtual Infrastructure) defines the following technical characteristics of the Services (tables 01-05 of this Service Level Agreement):

Table 01 Category of request and period for processing (response)

No. Request category Essence of request Response to a request
Time in hours* Regime (round the clock/working hours)
1. Incident-request to restore normal (regular) functioning of the Virtual Infrastructure Incident priority Failure Complete unavailability of the Virtual Infrastructure due to network, hardware, and engineering system failures 3 round the clock
High Unavailability of separate components of the Virtual Infrastructure, significant restriction of available functionality, or slowed access to the Virtual Infrastructure 6 round the clock
General Failure that does not significantly affect the use of the Customer's Virtual Infrastructure (the standard procedure shall be followed) 9 round the clock
2. Request for service configuration changeм Request that leads to a change in the composition and/or volume of the Services 9 Working days,
from 09:00-18:00
3. Information request Provision of technical, financial, and administrative information about the Services to the extent necessary to use the Services 24 Working days,
from 09:00-18:00

4. Request for technical parameter change, which does not change the cost of Services •• Installation and re-installation of the system without saving operating system data based on the installation image or template from the Contractor's library or an image provided by the Customer;
• Restoration of the access to the control panel after the loss of the Access Details;
• Restoration of the data from a snapshot of the virtual server image(Snapshot)
9 Working days,
from 09:00-18:00
•  Temporary short-term blocking of the Services at the Customer's initiative using the voice password 10 (minutes) round the clock

* The response time to a request in clauses 2-4, specified in working days, calculated in the Сontractor's working hours. 

Working hours - from 09:00 to 18:00 on working days. 

Table 02 Limits and limitations of the Virtual Infrastructure


Parameters Value
1. Run of virtual machines inside virtual servers  Not provided 
2. Reduction of the number of units from which consists the virtual server Performs exclusively by creating a new server and transferring all data to it (due to the inability to reduce the size of disk containers). Data transfer is carried out both by the Customer independently within 24 hours, or by the Contractor on a separate order (clause 1.2.1 Of table 04 of Tariffs)
3. The number of units that one virtual server can consist of Up to 128 units
4. Bandwidth limitation of the Internet access channel to the Virtual Infrastructure Up to 200 Mbit/s
5. Snapshot of the virtual server According to the automatic algorithms of the Contractor's systems**, the last two copies are stored

** Snapshot of the virtual server image may not be done if the virtual server is heavily used and/or there is high operational activity on it.

Table 03 Availability level

No. Parameters Value
 1. Availability of the Virtual Infrastructure 99,0 %

Table 04 Planned maintenance work and urgent (unscheduled) work

No. Name of work Duration and interval between works Informing the Customer
1.  Scheduled maintenance work The total duration of work is 36 hours for 1 (one) year At least 24 hours before the work
2.  Urgent (unscheduled) work The duration is equal to the actual time needed to prevent accidents Immediately before the start of work

Table 05 Software


Name of product Product code
1. Windows/System Center/CIS 2016
1.1. Microsoft® Windows Server Datacenter WinSvrDCCore ALNG LicSAPk MVL 2Lic CoreLic 9EA-00039

2. All terms (definitions) used in this Service Level Agreement, are applied in accordance with the Public Agreement (offer) for the provision of services for the provision in temporary paid use of Virtual Infrastructure of Tucha and Tariffs for the provision of services for the provision in temporary paid use of Virtual Infrastructure of Tucha (TuchaBit).

3. The Parties have agreed that this Service Level Agreement is an integral part of the Public Agreement (offer) for the provision of services for the provision in temporary paid use of the Virtual Infrastructure of Tucha.

4. The Service Level Agreement may be changed by the Contractor unilaterally on the terms stipulated in the Public Agreement (offer) for the provision of services for the provision in temporary paid use of Virtual Infrastructure of Tucha.

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