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How fast is transferring of IT infrastructure or applications to the cloud?

Typically, a complete migration of infrastructure to the cloud takes from a few hours to several days, and there is no need to stop the entire company. The process consists of evaluating the essential resources, transferring and configuring necessary programs and data. You can transfer a server to the cloud on your own, but we do not recommend doing this, because you need to have specific technical knowledge and skills. Trust the Tucha technical support. We will do everything for you quickly and efficiently. 

What are the advantages of hosting a cloud server abroad?

Many of our clients prefer to place their data on virtual servers in Europe. The main factors are guaranteed 99.9% availability and territorial location of data centers. It helps to protect your data from unauthorized access, theft, and loss. Also, abroad facilities of the TuchaFlex+ service provide flexibility and easy resources scalability.

Can I order more resources if my business is expanding?

Of course, Yes. If you need more resources for your VPS server or you need to add new workplaces, we will quickly solve your problem. Just call or email us. We will discuss all details and you will get new resources during a day. We can also reduce the number of resources or temporarily collapse a project if necessary.

Who is a cloud VPS server suitable for?

A virtual dedicated server (VPS/VDS) is suitable for transferring both high-load and small web projects to the cloud. In addition to the cloud infrastructure, you can host a website, online store, mail server, web application, telephony, CRM and ERP systems, accounting, etc. The cost of a virtual server renting depends on the number of resources needed to solve your task.

What does the service TuchaBit+ consist of, and how is it scaled?

TuchaBit+ consists of virtual units, i.e., balanced sets of resources. 1 unit contains 2 GB of RAM and 15 GB of SSD storage. CPU cores are allocated to the server depending on the number of units that the server consists of. By default, 1 IP address is added to each virtual machine. You can also order additional IP addresses from the main address pool and from a third-party address range.

The service is simply scaled by virtual units. You determine the number of units in the server and add and remove them if necessary. You can order any number of servers. Link them into a network. Without any traffic restrictions. If necessary, you can supplement the solution with additional HDD-based storage and additional cores for a separate fee. 

How does TuchaBit+ differ from other services?

TuchaBit+ is a slightly upgraded version of the service TuchaBit with several new technical solutions that allow users to provide a powerful and ultra-fast environment.

The solution runs on modern Intel Xeon Gold 6248r processors with the processor clock speed not lower than 3.0 GHz. VPS based on the service TuchaBit+ has an increased amount of RAM (2 GB in each 1 unit), more efficient technologies for data exchange between nodes, and updated planning policies for the utilization of computing resources.

Also, on the basis of the service, we offer our clients a choice of the location of data centers — in Ukraine or abroad (in Slovakia). Guaranteed level of service availability is 99.9%.

Can I order more resources if my business is expanding?

Yes, of course. When you need to increase the capacity of the virtual server or add a new workplace, please contact our technical support. We will provide all the necessary resources immediately after your request. You can also reduce the number of resources if some of them are not used.

Is it possible to use TuchaBit partially?

TuchaBit cloud servers allow you to transfer an entire IT infrastructure of a company to the cloud, as well as individual applications, for example, accounting, CRM or ERP system, mail server, telephony, etc.

What are the benefits of the TuchaBit cloud server?

With the TuchaBit cloud service, you save money on purchasing, upgrading and maintaining IT equipment. You also get round-the-clock technical support and immediate assistance in resolving any issues.

Can I rent a VPS server for a short period?

Yes, of course. Thanks to the flexibility and simple scalability of the service within balanced units you can deploy IT infrastructure on the virtual server in just a few hours, as well as transfer separate applications to the cloud. If necessary, the VPS server can be easily collapsed.

Can I move my site to the TuchaHosting cloud?

Trust migrating your site or mail to the cloud to our specialists. Tucha technical support service will help you with the transfer of a site or mail quickly, efficiently and without losing the performance of your web projects. You definitely have nothing to worry about.

What is unlimited hosting in the TuchaHosting service?

In every TuchaHosting package, traffic, databases, mailboxes, and FTP accounts are not charged and provided without restrictions. In packages with a configuration of 25 GB or higher, we provide an unlimited number of domains. You also get additional data backup, antivirus protection, and spam protection. And most importantly you get round-the-clock technical support, which will provide you with qualified assistance at any time.

What is the difference between virtual hosting and VPS hosting?

You can choose a suitable type of hosting depending on your needs. If you plan to host a large web project in the cloud with a significant load and many visitors, then VPS hosting is your choice. It has a wider functionality and allows you to install your software. Also, server resources are not distributed among all users. Cloud hosting is the best option for sites with a small or moderate load and a small number of visitors (information sites, business card sites or online stores). The advantages of cloud hosting include low prices and operation simplicity.

What is cloud hosting for?

Cloud hosting is needed for hosting sites and other web projects on virtual servers. The TuchaHosting service is the best solution for hosting sites or online stores with a moderate load and for mail. If you plan to expand your project, choose a virtual dedicated server (TuchaFlex+ or TuchaBit). If you don't know which service to choose, call or email us and we will find the best solution for you.

Can I purchase the TuchaBackup service as an add-on to a cloud server?

Yes, of course. TuchaBit and TuchaFlex+ virtual servers provide reliable placement of your company's IT infrastructure, separate work applications, or specialized software outside your office. TuchaBackup service securely stores backups of important data (documents, archives, accounting system databases, CRM and ERP systems, etc.) and provides you with additional information protection. 

How system snapshots are different from backups?

Snapshot (system snapshot) is a copy of a virtual machine disk of the entire system with software and data stored on it at a certain point in time. Snapshot helps to restore the system to its original working state after any critical changes (for example, after a virus attack). The cost of TuchaBit and TuchaFlex+ services already includes two snapshots.
Snapshots and data backup are different things. Backups are copies of individual files that can be restored after crashes or attacks. Snapshots also help to restore the state of the entire system, so the best solution is to use these tools together

How secure is my data in the TuchaBackup cloud?

We work only with data centers with Tier 3 security level or higher. Selected data centers provide secure storage of your data, 99.9% server availability, fault tolerance, and system operation even in case of data center failures.

Where will my data be stored?

All backups are stored outside Ukraine (mainly in Germany) on remote servers. Renting a server placed in Germany means that your important information is reliable and protected from loss and you have stable 24×7 access to your data.

What is the difference between Dedicated servers and VDS/VPS?

A dedicated server is a separate machine, all its resources, such as disk, RAM, and processor belong to one user. In this case, a lessee can use all physical machine resources with maximum performance

When do I need a dedicated server?

If you have a project with high resource requirements, such as a high-load website, and you want to ensure maximum productivity of work with programs and data, TuchaMetal service will successfully cope with these tasks.

Why do you need a dedicated server from Tucha?

With Tucha, you get not only secure data placement in reliable data centers, round-the-clock access from anywhere in the world, but also the most customer-oriented technical support among all providers. Our specialists are available 24×7 and are ready to help you solve any problem immediately after your request.

Also, the cost of renting each dedicated server already includes the cost of cloud backup hosting based on TuchaBackup service (in the amount of the disk of the ordered server). 

What else do I need to know about dedicated servers?

Renting a dedicated machine by default means that a user administers the server independently. In case you do not have a separate specialist or the necessary skills, we will offer a server administration service.

In any case, as long as you use the dedicated server from Tucha, we, as a provider, ensure stable power supply and uninterrupted Internet connection to your machine. Also, we will monitor the technical condition of the server and its resources. Our team in 24×7 mode does everything to ensure that your work with dedicated servers from Tucha is comfortable and secure.

How can I share files in the cloud?

To share files with other users, open access to the required files and share the link. The owner controls the storage. You can manage the guest access period, set permissions for working with files and allow users to upload their files to the cloud.

Will I have remote access to files?

Yes, you can use cloud storage not only on your PC or laptop but also on your smartphone. TuchaSync easily syncs with your mobile device. Download the necessary files from your computer and save them on your smartphone and vice versa. If you have Internet access, you have round-the-clock access to your files from anywhere in the world.

How to connect to the service?

It is possible to connect to the server via the WebDAV Protocol and synchronize files using any WebDAV client.

Are there any restrictions on the size of downloaded files?

You can upload and download files of all formats and sizes.
When you use a PC or smartphone or application you can download files without any restrictions.
When you use a browser the file size cannot exceed 512 MB.

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