How to quickly and easily pay for Tucha services in Privat24. 5 simple steps.

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Payee FL-P Sukhobok E. V. (sole proprietorship)
1. Choose the tab «Payments»
New Payment
2. In the field «New Payment» you can enter:

a. payee surname — Sukhobok

account number

b. or account number UA24 305299 00000 26008016218773

Individual Taxpayer Number

c. or payee Individual Taxpayer Number 2974809628

3. After that, go to the found payee, and choose what exactly you want to pay
4. Enter the full name, phone number of a payer and sum of payment, add to the cart
5. Next go to your cart, select created payment, and the card you want to pay with and make the payment.
another payer

Also, you can pay for the service of another payer.

For this in the payee window choose «Заплатить от имени другого лица»  (Pay on the behalf of another person).

Next, repeat steps 4 and 5. In the pop-up window fill credentials of a payer for who you want to pay. Go to your cart and pay.


Note that paid once, you can create a payment template to make the next payments even easier.

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