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IT-Premium company started work at the end of 2007. For 11 years on the market, we have implemented several complex projects. We provide IT services for companies that do not have full-time system administrators. We also outsource companies that have technical specialists, but in addition to servicing the central office, they need to support several critical services in other offices or implement complex tasks of transferring capacity to hosting and cloud, deploying virtual machines on their physical servers, and so on. In our client pool, there are pharmaceutical, manufacturing, financial, agricultural companies, architectural bureaus, foreign representative offices, embassies, and holdings. Since the company foundation, we have pursued a single goal – to create a truly high-quality service that will contribute to the business of our customers in automating processes, improving security, developing and optimizing costs.

Advantages of work with us:

  • customer-oriented technical support;
  • built-in processes and clear division of responsibility between technical support staff;
  • we sign the SLA agreement with each client, which guarantees the speed of response and troubleshooting;
  • our ticket system, each client through the Personal account can track the number of requests, the speed of response and the speed of resolving problems;
  • each client has the opportunity to evaluate the work of technical support;
  • monthly technical support quality control, performed by top management of our company;
  • own development of the password control mechanism - passwords are not stored in the open format, full logging of access control, an administrator does not see the password to the service that he is connecting to.
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