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Stream Telecom is a company that provides business telephony services. The best CRM system integrators, such as Bitrix24, AmoCRM, OneBox, and others, advise us as the best contractor for implementing IP telephony and cloud PBX. All thanks to the reliability, quality of communication, multi-channel operation, stability, fast response of technical support and expertise of employees who help in connecting telephony.

Stream Telecom product is like an employee, without whom the work stopped, customers lost and colleagues do not know what to do. And the price of this employee is equal to one family visit to the cinema.

Why does Stream Telecom solution win over other market solutions?

  • Stream Telecom cloud PBX unite numbers of any operators into a single network without restrictions (mobile, landline, 0800 numbers, international numbers).
  • Thanks to the decentralized placement of data centers in Germany, Finland, and the Netherlands, we achieve high reliability of the service, besides, all our servers are protected from DDoS attacks.
  • Stream Telecom cloud PBX allows your employees to work exclusively in your CRM system. There is no need to use other accounts, which will greatly simplify the use.
  • You can work from any browser and there is no need for every employee to keep their personal telephony account open all the time.
  • Multi-channel sim-cards! It is possible to make your advertising mobile numbers multi-channel (5 lines = 5 simultaneous incoming calls).
  • Connecting a virtual international number will allow you to promote your products and services on world markets. At the same time, your company's office can be located in any country.
  • Auto-call from Stream Telecom. You don't need to waste your employees' time on calling your database and making them hear negative answers. After phoning you get a file with interested and disinterested clients. You just need to contact a client and close the deal.
  • The FMC service allows you to link remote employees to your CRM system. Conversation recording, creating leads in the CRM system, and other functionalities are also available for employees on an FMC mobile phone.
  • Configuring complex call routing schemes.

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