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Solution for agribusiness

Cheating with weight and quality, technology violation, theft and damage of raw materials and products by staff, fires, and accidents, vehicle downtime, queue during unloading/loading. All of these factors can lead to significant negative consequences.

As a result of the implementation, a client gets an intelligent company control tool. We offer the creation of a unified system for collecting, displaying and processing of necessary data for the management and analysis of critical performance indicators.

Solution for monitoring bank operations and cash register transactions can be conducted with different violations, which cause financial and reputational losses. In this regard, it is offered to organize a system for monitoring operational risks in a bank, which will allow real-time detection of violations and ensure a timely response.

Solution for logistics companies

The main hub of any logistics company is a logistics terminal. It is a node through which pass all goods without exceptions. Very often there are cases of cargo damage, loss or re-sorting. Forming the solution for enterprises of this type, we tried to mitigate the main risks that can appear and maximize the functionality of the solution.

Solution for service stations and dealerships

The main task of the offered system is to provide control over the movement of vehicles on the territory, technical maintenance, and repair, entry, and exit, movement of auto parts and materials.

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