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Yaware is a developer of services that helps to improve companies` performance.

Yaware.TimeTracker is a computer-based time tracking service that helps to improve the efficiency of office employees.


  • to assess staff productivity;
  • to identify working time loss;
  • to determine staff workload;
  • to improve staff performance;
  • to increase company revenue.

It is suitable for monitoring employees` computers in offices and remote branches, working from home, with flexible working hours and hourly pay.

Yaware.Mobile is a service for monitoring mobile employees that allows you to manage traveling employees effectively and ensure maximum productivity of their work.


  • to receive information about staff location;
  • to monitor your movements using GPS;
  • to detect deviations from planned routes;
  • to evaluate the effectiveness of corporate phone usage (personal and business calls);
  • to monitor apps and websites used on a phone;
  • to improve the discipline and performance of employees.

Suitable for monitoring of sales agents, couriers, service engineers, drivers, security guards, and other mobile employees.

Increase your business productivity with Yaware services!

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