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We are very grateful to everyone who finds a few minutes to share their opinion about cooperation with us.
Why do we value client feedback so much? Because they help us create better solutions for you and motivate other users to collaborate with Tucha. In turn, this provides another advantage: the more customers we have, the more frequently we update our equipment and invest more in R&D, create and launch the most innovative services, and more intensively we improve those services that are already working. In a word, reviews help you get more from our clouds.

By the way, you can leave reviews not only on our site but also on third-party sites, such as our Facebook pages and Google Maps! And on our YouTube channel. Watch video reviews about our work.

In fact, I as Dmitrii Isaev not as the Director of Aladdin, have more than one site which is hosted on Tucha. We started working together from the time when Uplink just appeared. To say that problems are solved immediately is to say nothing. Efficiency and politeness are the main things that I see when I communicate with technical support and management. I wish Tucha and Uplink, good clients, that you can always provide great service at a great price 24/7!!
Good luck to you guys!

Aladdin Security Solutions
Use since

I have been using the "TuchaHost" service since 2014. There are no complaints about the work of Tucha.
Tucha employees immediately answer questions and help solve technical problems.

Use since

I use it for less than a year, but the quality is pleasantly surprising, and the prices are especially pleasing.
Thank you for the quality service.

Use since

We use the company's services not long ago. The quality of service and the service are very satisfactory!

account manager
Design Studio Ozidea
Use since

Not so long ago, we started using the services of the company Tucha. But in a short time, we have already felt the excellent quality of the provided services. Representatives of the company always come to meet us halfway and help us solve our problems. We want to thank them very much for their help and we are sure of fruitful cooperation in the future!

DM Group
Use since

-You're a virtuoso.
- No, I'm just not slow.
(from not fictional dialogue) as (relatively) a long-standing partner of Uplink and Tucha TM in particular, and dealing with indecisive, hesitant and inhibiting potential customers who, with their endless hesitations and doubts, unsuccessfully try to disappoint me in the "cloud product", I want to note... this! The entire world enjoys (and loves it!) and the Internet, consisting in general from many cloud and sub-cloud systems. When you're choosing a mail service, you are not thinking over a month "at the door", "Oh, what if crashes...". In short, what I advise you is to turn on Tucha test drive (and if you need to turn off the brain. Let it be so!), and you will test and drive (not a squirrel and a cricket).To paraphrase the classics from NESTLE "Don`t slow down, use Tucha!"

Freelance copywriter
Global network
Use since

We use a cloud storage service. Everything works like a clock! Just super!

Specialist in factoring operations
Factoring Finance
Use since

I would like to thank the company Tucha. I was very satisfied with the work of all the staff, starting with the friendly and attentive sales Manager Vadim and ending with highly qualified technical support in the person of Konstantin.
Thank you for your professionalism and human attitude to us as customers.
I recommend you to my friends and partners.

Pro trade
Use since

The team of the company Tucha has created an excellent product.

The key things I want to note are:
- unexpectedly high level of service and support (not every company is really ready to provide 24/7 support)
- willingness to do more than promised
- stability and performance of the offered products
- the flexibility of the team, and individual approach. I discovered

Tucha TM at a time when I was again let down by hosting providers contractors.

At that moment, I realized that no cheap price, no well-known name, no beautiful promises can cover the fact that the service is simply not available. The team of Tucha TM is a reliable partner that is ready to hear and find solutions that are suitable for me.

iLION web agency
Use since

The dynamics of modern business is setting new requirements for flexibility in all areas of business, especially in the IT sector. The concept of Soft as a Service (SaaS) was born in an attempt to find a solution for SMB companies (small and medium-sized businesses) so that they can compete with larger companies. Tucha is a simple and reliable way to enter the new era of information technology fully equipped and take most of the opportunities that are opening. Tucha client effectively solves a number of tasks, including information security, data security, user mobility, cost savings, and the flexibility, scalability, and reliability of the IT infrastructure. I am very happy with the cloud solutions from Tucha and recommend them to my clients and partners.

Use since
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