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Loss of important and confidential data for any company is often irreparable. It causes a lot of problems, including material, time, and effort losses. And often these consequences are quite dramatic, business can simply collapse.

To avoid such problems, you should take care of data security in advance. One of the most reliable ways to do this is to regularly backup files and documents and store them in a secure place. A good helper will be TuchaBackup, the service for backup-hosting. We will tell you how to save your business from destruction by hosting backups in the cloud.

What causes data loss

There are a thousand and one ways to lose data, but these are just the most common reasons that can lead to this.

  • Viruses.

One of the most common reasons is a system infection with viruses. Often, even special antivirus programs cannot help protect your data completely from malicious software, because users forget to update it in time or ignore warnings that appear. Besides, such factors as installing unknown programs, clicking on unverified links, visiting suspicious websites, and so on increase risks. When viruses get into a device, they simply destroy files that are stored on it.

  • Software failures.

Failures in the operating system or application software are another factor that can lead to data loss in the most unexpected moment. Protect files from damage or fully restore them after failures, is not a simple task.

  • Files deletion.

Deleting individual files or destruction of all data at once also often happens. This can be a result of deliberate unfriendly actions, or it can be accidental deleting, overwriting some files or formatting the entire drive.

  • Damage of hard drives.

Also, since data is mostly stored on hard drives, this does not guarantee the complete security of information, because from time to time, disks malfunction. Problems occur both on the physical level and in the work of special programs that are responsible for processing tasks on a hard disk.

  • Loss or equipment failure.

Finally, devices such as a laptop, PC, or server that store important files may simply fail or be lost. By the way, this is one of the most common problems. Often, unauthorized persons have access to the equipment, and such force majeure as damage of a device by a liquid, overheating, destruction in a fire, theft, etc. These factors are not uncommon.

What to do if data is lost

Unfortunately, there are not many options for what to do when this has already happened. You can try to restore the data yourself, searching for the necessary files in mail, sent messages, or on other drives, or involve third-party specialists who will help you restore at least some of the files using special programs. And usually, you can restore only part of it, because the final result depends on which part of the hard disk the files were stored, and if any other information was recorded along with them, and many other factors.

Of course, the use of special programs by competent specialists provides more chances to restore information than performing this work yourself, but it requires significant time and money. And most importantly it does not guarantee a 100% result and the return of absolutely all files that were damaged.

How to prevent data loss

The best way to prevent information loss is to create backups in a timely and regular manner and store them in a safe place, not just on another device, separate from the main information, but in special storage protected from force majeure and which is accessible 24×7 from any gadget. The best solution for this is to store backups in the cloud.

Advantages of cloud backup-hosting:
  • Secure and reliable backup storage. This would help you fully recover your data if it lost from a physical device (PC or server).
  • Round-the-clock access to all placed data. And most importantly, from any device and in any corner of the world.
  • The ability to store large file backups and easily expand the space according to your needs.

All these features are available thanks to TuchaBackup service.

Why TuchaBackup

The service allows you to store backup copies of files on the secure remote servers located primarily in Germany. This helps protect your data from unauthorized access, force majeure, and loss of backups along with the original data.

Thanks to TuchaBackup you can store backup copies of such data in the cloud:

  • Databases of accounting systems, CRM and ERP systems, 1C, etc.
  • Documents.
  • Archives.
  • Files of any format (video, audio, presentations, etc.).

Guaranteed service availability is 99.9%. It is important that there are no restrictions on the amount of traffic in TuchaBackup, and the service allows you to use secure access protocols FTP (by default), SFTP, SCP, and RSYNCoSSH.

By the way, backups should not be confused with system snapshots. Backups help restore individual files in case of any critical changes, while snapshots are useful for restoring the entire system to the condition it was when the snapshot was taken. Therefore, the most effective and reliable option is to use these tools together.


Storing backup file copies and documents in a secure location is an important factor in the company's information security. Backups can protect your business from the fatal consequences of data loss, deletion, loss of drives, device failure, server failure, etc. TuchaBackup service will help you place backups of all your important data in a secure place.

If you also want to protect your business, save time and money, contact us for reliable backup hosting in the cloud. We will advise you and help you choose the right solution for your task!

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Benefits of transferring work data to the cloud

Safety and security of data is an urgent matter for any business. Unlike physical servers, clouds have much broader capabilities in this area. For example, you can completely restore a virtual machine disk "from the past". This is available thanks to a useful tool called snapshots.

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