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Connecting to a remote desktop is one of the most frequent requests when it comes to remote work organization. We give you a clear step-by-step guide on how to connect to a remote desktop using the RDP client, which is installed on all Windows operating systems from version XP and higher.

In this article, we describe in detail the features of each type of support from Tucha and help you figure out which one is suitable for solving certain tasks.

One of the most frequent requests to technical support is a question about tools for configuring a DNS domain zone. And now, we are going to tell you about the types of instruments for managing domain zones settings.

What should I do immediately after purchasing a cloud? Where can I get access details, how to connect to a virtual server, and transfer the necessary programs and data? These and other similar questions may arise if you have ordered a virtual machine for the first time, and you start working in the cloud. 

Safety and security of data is an urgent matter for any business. Unlike physical servers, clouds have much broader capabilities in this area. For example, you can completely restore a virtual machine disk "from the past". This is available thanks to a useful tool called snapshots.

A virtual router is a small virtual machine with special software. Its purpose is routing between a virtual private network (VPN) and the Internet. Actually, the virtual router provides the operation of this VPN connection.

We share useful information for users of virtual machines. Our clients often contact Tucha technical support service with a question about how to configure port forwarding to the server located in a private network...

Something like an introduction. My name is Volodymyr Melnyk, and I am a drug addict person who has been responsible for the technical aspects of our company for 13 years. Being not only a writer but also a reader to some extent...

Our cloud has its time machine, and it is called a snapshot. In other words, the system state at a specific point in time.

Site-to-site VPN is a type of connection in which two routers are combined into one local network. The connection goes through an encrypted tunnel, provides secure storage of information, and eliminates a number of problems that may occur when connecting to a remote desktop.

We offer our clients three options: IP from the main pool of Tucha addresses, addresses with Ukrainian and foreign geolocation. An inexperienced person can get confused easily, so let us figure out the difference between these IP addresses.

Hello, friends! Today we will talk about the thing that you need for convenient and productive work in the cloud. It is high-quality technical support. Maybe, you have already heard about our basic support and server administration. Warranty support is a new support solution that we will introduce to you now.

Today we will tell you how to effectively protect your data on a cloud server by hiding the server in a private network

Today we are going to look at the main characteristics of the most popular desktop environments for Linux, their strong and weak points.

Read more about this and other similar programs in that review, and if you are seriously interested in this particular tool, let us move on to a step-by-step installation and settings of Cobian Backup.

Today we will talk about the use of cloud technologies in business, and whether it is worth going on a great voyage with a couple of our engineers on board, who will keep the ship afloat, and if there is an iceberg, they will quickly patch the hole. We will talk about a cloud server administration service.

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