Why storing your data abroad is the right thing to do

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Nowadays the pressure on business has seriously increased. Only in the last few years, such large IT companies as Intertelecom, Fs.to, Nic.ua have suffered as well as many smaller market players. Contrary to the law, in almost every case occurs seizure of servers, which permanently disrupts all business processes of a company, breaks an infrastructure, especially if local servers were important for maintaining data.


It is obvious that the intensity of such actions will only increase, and the danger hangs not only over those who violate something but also over completely honest businesses that work according to all the rules. After all, until it is proved that the company is not guilty, and a court decides to return its equipment, you can lose all customers, lose contracts and staff. The only effective solution in this situation is to switch to the cloud. In this case, attacks on IT infrastructure become meaningless, since all critical data is stored on remote servers, ideally - outside the country.


Benefits of transferring work data to the cloud


The physical remoteness of servers is not the only advantage that cloud technologies provide to the business. With the right organization, the cloud gives broad opportunities to fundamentally change the way of building a company`s business processes, and gain a new level of freedom for employees and managers. See yourself:

  • the cloud is a cost-saver. Instead of purchasing and maintaining the performance of a large fleet of equipment and network infrastructure, it is enough to rent certain capacities from a provider (just enough to cover the company`s needs). And to organize office work, you can use terminals or thin clients, which are significantly cheaper than conventional workstations. Additional savings – on software and maintenance;
  • the cloud is about keeping your data safe by creating backups. Backup–as–a–service is a convenient tool for system administrators that allows automating the creation of your data backups. Thanks to this service, a human factor is minimized (for example, an administrator forgot to create a backup in time), and copies themselves are stored on a reliable remote server. At the same time, backups are available from anywhere in the world, and thanks to a high level of data center security, they are reliably protected from force majeure situations;
  • the cloud is a simple and understandable expense. With cloud technologies, you can always accurately plan your IT infrastructure expenses, since you pay a fixed price per month and only for the capacity that is used. No hidden fees, commissions, or overpayments;
  • the cloud is about mobility and freedom. Employees of a company, using cloud solutions, can work from anywhere – from a conference, on a business trip, from home, office, hotel, or restaurant. Also, nothing can stop you from creating an international team in which each member can work from their own country, and the results will be no worse than if they were all under one roof;
  • the cloud is about scalability. It is easier to change the amount of computing power (that fits the changed size of the company and the number of employees) than in any other type of network infrastructure. For example, during periods of maximum load, you can increase server resources, and when there is no such need, reduce it and save money;
  • the cloud is about reliability. If you choose the right provider, data in the cloud will be protected from all types of threats much better than on local servers. So, for example, we use data centers in Germany for hosting servers that are the foundation of the cloud from Tucha. Also, in terms of security, these data centers correspond to the Tier 3 category. This means that all network, engineering, and information components are duplicated and have reserves in case of an emergency. Also, it means that maintenance works will be carried out without disconnecting servers. The data centers operation is maintained by highly qualified technical specialists, and the round-the-clock support service allows you to solve any problems in the shortest possible time.


For Ukrainian business today, cloud technologies are the most profitable, convenient, and secure solution that allows you to protect the company from the lawlessness of ill-wishers and other troubles. But this is only true if you have chosen the right provider. The one with a stable and modern data center, qualified support, and favorable connection conditions. Contact us for competent advice today to work safely tomorrow. We are available 24×7.

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