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Today's cloud technologies are no longer something out-of-this-world; these are technologies that change the reality here and now. Hundreds of thousands of companies around the world have chosen clouds as simple, secure, and reliable tool for their business. And in our reality, considering the general economic climate and actions of authorities, storing data abroad is not an exotic whim of individual companies, but a necessity. Otherwise, you can lose everything. The main arguments for moving data to the cloud are listed below.

Cloud is safe

To store data on remote servers is much safer than locally, the main thing here is to choose the right provider. If you choose a good provider, you get regular monitoring of equipment with the replacement of worn-out elements, constant data replication, creation of backups, and snapshots. Cloud infrastructure is the ability to quickly and losslessly restore all information even in case of force majeure, which is much more difficult, and sometimes simply impossible, in case of using local storage. And the physical placement of data in a foreign country provides additional protection against third-party interference (for example, unfair competitors or authorities that go beyond the verge of powers).

Cloud is available

Those who have dealt with clouds superficially believe that cloud technologies are too expensive. Really, how can a safe, reliable, and functional solution be affordable? It turns out, that it can. This is achieved by the scalability of the technology. You pay only for what you need for your work, without overpayments for extra megabytes and megahertz. Cost generation is transparent for the user, there are no hidden fees or overpayments. You don't even need to buy special cloud software, you can use one that you have already purchased, rent, or use free solutions.

Cloud is fast and simple

Some people still believe that implementation of cloud technologies is a large expenditure of time and effort that could be directed to other goals. And downtime will negatively affect a company's work processes. In real practice, the transition to the cloud takes from a few hours to a couple of days (depending on the amount of transferred data). If you are confident in your skills, you can perform transfer yourself, and if not, entrust it to our specialists using the extended support service. Each client can get qualified assistance in building the cloud infrastructure, transferring data, and configuring software at a low price.

Transition to the cloud is possible without retraining staff

Often, a company's staff, from administrators to ordinary employees say their concerns about switching to cloud technologies. In their opinion, they will need to train from scratch. But in fact, nothing will change for employees, except for the physical placement of programs and data. They will still have the same software and the same environment. For a system administrator, everything becomes even easier, since most of the work in the cloud can be done remotely and centrally.

In the cloud, your data belongs only to you

It is believed that a provider may block your data to prevent you from switching to another service provider. In practice, this is only possible with one-day providers, for whom their company's reputation is an empty phrase. For everyone else, reputation is above all. All relationships with a client are formalized in a contract. The contract clearly states who has access to information and under what conditions.



As you can see, cloud technologies are safe, reliable, affordable, easy to use, and administer. Contact the reliable provider for competent advice today and allow new technologies to make your work more efficient. We work 24×7.

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