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Many believe that clouds are shrouded in mystery, and only chosen can understand this mystery.

But in fact, it is not a big deal. Yes, the industry has specific terms. Often only specialists who constantly work with clouds understand them. And a cloud itself is a complex system. But the most important points can be easily explained in simple language.

To understand clouds, you need to understand how they benefit your business.

In this article, we have explained the basics. We tried not to use special technical terms. And if we missed something, we will be happy to answer additional questions in the comments.

So, let us list 12 reasons why you should use cloud services in your business.

Reason #1. When data is abroad, business is safe

When you store information on a cloud server located abroad, it is difficult to reach it without your permission.

If you install a physical server in your office or place it in one of the Ukrainian data centers, you will be almost defenseless to local ill-wishers. After getting physical access to the server, an intruder also gets access to your information.

Data loss upsets business processes or stops the company's operation. And during downtime, the business loses customers. Nobody knows when the company will be able to restore its operation.

To avoid this, keep your information in the cloud located abroad. You can transfer the work of all employees of the company or a separate department (for example, accounting) to the cloud.

Reason #2. Eternal up-to-dateness without costs

Time does not stand still, so all computers and programs become outdated over time. New technologies appear the old ones become museum pieces.

Hardware must be updated regularly, to make everything work well.  If a company has purchased a server, it is necessary to update and maintain this server regularly for its normal operation. When it fails, to look spare parts and repair it.

If you use clouds, this question disappears. You do not think about how and when to update your hardware, who contact, or what to do if something does not work.

A good provider always monitors their servers’ operation and does not allow failures. You pay only for the cloud capacities usage - the ordered amount of resources, and programs if you need them.

Reason #3. Cloud is a universal tool

When ordering a cloud server, you can install your own programs on it or rent a server with a pre-installed set of programs for specific tasks.

For example, you can order a mail server, a server for hosting websites on 1C-Bitrix, or a machine for hosting 1C: Accounting or an office suite for employees working with remote desktops, and so on.

If necessary, you can build a self-sufficient IT infrastructure in the cloud that is configured to work with your business. So, you get your personal task execution tool with which you and your employees can use any device to work with.

Reason #4. Business can be moved to a cloud in a day

There is an opinion that it takes several days or weeks to transfer information, programs, and other business resources to a cloud.

In most cases, this opinion is false. Of course, if you need to move several thousand or hundreds of thousands of employees, it will take longer.

But a company of 10-20 people can move to the cloud in a day, or even in a few hours. So, it all depends on the business size and tasks.

Nothing will change for your employees. But now they will work through a remote desktop, and the business will be safe in the cloud.

Reason #5. Clouds help a business save money

When you transfer your work to a cloud, you do not need to buy new powerful computers, servers, or network equipment. Your employees need only simple computers or thin clients and the Internet.

When using cloud services, you only pay for the resources you use. If you decide that your tasks require minimal power, you can reduce it. As soon as you need more power, increase it without purchasing additional equipment.

In simple words, when you transfer your work to the cloud, your business stops spending money on hardware. All hardware is provided and maintained by your cloud provider.

Besides, it is easier to administer, maintain, and configure systems in the cloud, so there is no need to involve additional resources and finances.

Reason #6. It is possible to take system snapshots and backups

In every business, unpleasant situations with data loss happen.

For example, it is not very pleasant to lose a customer database. And it is extremely dangerous if we speak accounting databases and important electronic documents.

All this threatens financial losses and reputation collapse, sometimes bankruptcy.

Information loss reasons are different: viruses that delete data, hackers, breakdowns, failures, employee errors, and information theft.

Clouds allow you to protect yourself from these issues by making system snapshots and backups. These are backup copies of the system and data that allow you to restore information in case of loss.

It means that if you suddenly lose some or all the information, you can restore it because you will have the system snapshot and/or backup.

Причина № 7 — Облака делают бизнес мобильным

If your business bind to your office and its hardware, moving to a cloud will help your business become mobile.

You can connect to the cloud from any computer, tablet, or phone. You use any device, connect to the cloud, and see your desktop.

Even if you decide to go on a trip to the Moon, and there will be the Internet, you can continue to solve business tasks remotely. No one will notice your absence in the office.

Clouds allow you to work on any device in any place where there is an Internet connection. However, your information remains safe and secure.

Reason #8. Clouds are easy to administer

Our cloud infrastructure is built on a single platform. As a result, customers can easily manage it, standardize, and unify their IT infrastructure within the cloud.

Administration of such a system takes much less time and effort than managing a chaotically built classical infrastructure. In the cloud, a company-client system administrator monitors security manages resources and implements new solutions, rather than deals with hardware and goes from one workplace to another, simultaneously solves problems of resource shortage, as it was before.

And for clients who do not want to administer anything on their own, we have a separate server administration service. Clients just work in the cloud, and delegate the administration functions to us and do not think about it at all. And we make

sure that everything works properly.
Clouds should help your business, not add new tasks on which you need to spend your time.

Reason #9. Reliability and operational continuity

To make a local infrastructure work well without interruptions, you need to buy expensive reliable equipment and constantly maintain it. But even in this case, from time to time something goes wrong. It is still just hardware.

If you use clouds, you do not need to allocate a budget on hardware, repairs, and maintenance. You pay only the subscription fee, solve your business tasks, and save time that you can use for development.

Everything works reliably and continuously.

Reason #10. Flexibility and scalability

When you use clouds, you can change the configuration at any time: add a server, separate computing resources, workplaces, and additional services.

You pay a provider only for what you really need. You can always refuse resources that you do not need.

You choose how much to pay. For example, instead of transferring the entire company, you can transfer to the cloud individual divisions, which information needs to be kept safe from prying eyes.

Reason #11. Monitoring capability

You can add monitoring and control tools to your cloud infrastructure to track who and when performs operations in your cloud, what information, who uses it, and what they do with data.

Reason #12. High speed of operation

Technology is evolving. Clouds become faster and more convenient.

Nowadays, the speed of work in a cloud does not differ from the usual work on a local computer. Only now your information is safe.

Let us sum up

In this article, we have listed the main reasons why more and more companies are moving their business to clouds.

In fact, there are many more reasons. They are different for each business.

The main advantage is that a cloud is a flexible tool that you can use to set up a convenient ecosystem for your business and constantly improve it, increasing the speed of task solving and productivity of each department or employee.

If you have any questions, please contact us at any time. We are always in touch. You are welcome 24×7!

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