TuchaBit: fast, secure, and economical cloud servers in Ukraine for Windows projects

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Our new service TuchaBit offers Ukrainian based cloud servers for Windows projects. This solution we designed for those who do not have a critical need for abroad placement. 

There are different ways to use TuchaBit:

  • Organize your usual operation of the programs in which you work. Employees will not have to learn new tools or new skills. They will just continue to work as before. Only now your programs and documents will be in the cloud, safe and accessible anywhere in the world where an Internet connection is available.
  • You can place in the cloud 1C: Enterprise, CRM, ERP, or other systems with important data that you use for work.
  • Work with software for financial accounting and "client-bank" programs. It is convenient when you need to keep your eyes on the ball and control the financial component of the business anytime and anywhere.
  • Also, it is convenient to use any programs that run on Windows.

The price of each server already includes a Windows Server Datacenter license. You can rent or use your terminal access licenses.

Guaranteed availability is 99.9%.

It is easy to get started with TuchaBit. It often takes several hours to move your work to the cloud. In other words, you can start working in the cloud today.

How to start using TuchaBit

Go to the TuchaBit page and see all the advantages of the service.

Then choose the tariff that is suitable for your business or project.


You can also build your individual configuration. Use a simple calculator that is integrated into the page.


The selected data is automatically inserted into the form. You will only need to fill in the remaining fields and click the order button.

If it is difficult to make a choice

Sometimes it is difficult to immediately determine which tariff you need to solve your task. There is nothing wrong with that. All tasks are solvable, and we are ready to help.

Use the feedback form to describe your task or simply book a consultation. We will contact you and will find a solution.

Use the feedback form

If you still have questions or want to tell us about your specific task, but do not want to use the form on the site, call us +380 44 583-5-583 or write at sales@tucha.ua. You are welcome 24×7.

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