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For a modern company that wants to remain competitive, the main value is information – working data, customer base, business contacts, developments, accounting information, etc. Nowadays, losing or, even worse, leaking data to competitors or free access to it is often equal to bankruptcy. Therefore, every serious business pays a lot of attention to the issues of information security. The traditional approach – local or dedicated servers – no longer satisfy most companies because the risks are too high: equipment failures, theft, or seizure can cause profoundly serious harm.

Given the situation, management and administrators are looking in the direction of cloud solutions, which are designed to protect from most negative scenarios. Also, cloud infrastructure is cheaper than maintaining a fleet of equipment, and the desire to save money becomes another factor when choosing a remote service. On the other hand, the lack of knowledge about the cloud scares potential clients. So, should you be afraid to store data in the cloud?

Some cloud usage scenarios

Those companies that are not familiar with modern cloud solutions often perceive such services quite narrowly – as normal file storage, only remote. However, this is only one of the many ways to use the cloud, because today solutions based on virtualization technologies allow you to:

  • automatically create and store data backups. You no longer need to worry that a backup that was not made in time will lead to the loss of important data – a remote server will do it according to the established schedule. You can restore data from the backup storage easily, just in a few clicks;
  • maintain accounting in 1C: Accounting or other familiar environments – both the software and all the necessary environments can be deployed on a cloud server and provide access to trusted employees. All working data, databases are also conveniently and securely stored in the cloud;
  • launch and maintain the work of 1C-Bitrix CMS and corporate sites managed by it, as well as any other CMS on which the company's sites are built. This solution allows you to provide sites with almost 100% uptime;
  • any other software packages that your company works with – office applications, CRM systems, databases, IP telephony, and much more. This allows you to completely transfer the work of the office to the cloud and save on equipment. At the same time, you will not need to retrain employees – for them, the working environment will remain the same, but it will have the necessary flexibility and mobility.

Cloud technologies give clients complete freedom to install any operating systems, related software, configure the environment for themselves – there are almost no restrictions.

Why is the cloud safe?

For a provider, the security of the clients' information is a top priority. At Tucha, we make sure that every byte of the data is securely protected. And here are the main things we do for this:

  • We place the equipment in Tier III data centers located in Western Europe (Frankfurt, Germany). This level of protection means that all the main engineering and network communications (electricity supply, ventilation, temperature control, network access) are duplicated, and a repair or replacement of one of the components does not require the suspension of the equipment. Even force majeure, such as, for example, a loss of electricity, will not lead to a shutdown or loss of the data;
  • we use network equipment and carrier-class servers from top vendors, no low-end hardware;
  • we regularly replace worn-out elements, and replicate data on parallel media;
  • for additional protection, we regularly create system snapshots and data backups (for some services, this service is included in the price by default, for others is available on demand).

This combination of techniques allows guaranteeing uptime from 99% to 99.9%, depending on the service.

In a world where the cost of information is much higher than the cost of material resources, security comes first. And we can ensure the physical security of your data and take care of your interests in any situation. Contact us for competent advice, we are always in touch!

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