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Reliable support that you can confidently rely on is an essential factor of efficient work in clouds. Since it may be necessary to interact with a support service occasionally, communication should be explicit, and specialists` help should be qualified and prompt. The team of Tucha daily makes every effort to meet and even exceed clients' expectations, and numerous reviews confirm that we are doing well.

In this article, we describe in detail the features of each type of support from Tucha and help you figure out which one is suitable for solving certain tasks.

About the criteria of technical support quality

A provider`s level of responsibility and reliability you can assess from several key indicators:

  • speed of response to requests and efficiency of assistance;
  • 24×7 availability of the service and guaranteed communication channels;
  • easy communication with specialists, friendly, clear, and precise responses to requests;
  • support of clients in solving their problem from the moment of the request to the final satisfaction of the need.

Also, there is an additional criterion that argues in favor of the provider — the ability to choose the necessary level of technical support in accordance with the client's tasks.

How Tucha technical support service works

Our technical support team is available round-the-clock via all the guaranteed communication channels: phone, email, ticket system. The unspoken response time of the technical support to requests is 15 minutes. We start working on an inquiry immediately after a client's request. We monitor its implementation at each stage and close the request when the task is completely solved. That is why clients and partners of Tucha in their reviews justly call our technical support the best.

To make the interaction even simpler and more effective, we advise you to read the useful life hacks for working with Tucha technical support from our Technical Director. Their use will help you save time and get answers to requests even faster.

Види технічної підтримки Tucha
Types of Tucha technical support

1. Basic support.

Cost — free.

The order of processing requests — standard.

With basic support, our support service is responsible for physical infrastructure, virtualization environment, and virtual hardware. In other words, we guarantee the operation of the physical infrastructure, network connection, and virtual machine itself.

With this type of technical support, we do not have the right to interfere with the operation of the operating system and software installed on the client's server. Basic support provides only consulting assistance from our side if it is necessary.

After transmitting the access details to the client, this data is deleted from our storage media and the client assumes further responsibility for the system operation.

Of course, if there is a critical situation in the operation of the software, we will help you solve it. We are not used to leaving our clients to the mercy of fate. And if you need our practical help and intervention in the system, we will offer you two options — permanent or hourly administration. Below you can read more about these types of technical support.

2. Extended level of technical support:

  • Hourly server administration.

Cost — 20 euros/hour.

The minimum order — 1 hour. 

The order of processing requests — standard.

Hourly server administration provides that we do not have permanent client`s administrator rights, but we receive the rights for the duration of one-time work in the system. This type of support is suitable for clients who occasionally need the help of our specialists to install software, updates, fix errors of the operating system or software installed on their virtual machine.

Speaking about the problems which our team solves in terms of hourly administration, we can highlight the following:

  1. Install proven, up-to-date, and secure software on the server.
  2. Make changes to the settings of the operating system, software that is deployed on the virtual machine, and network hardware that works in conjunction with the server.
  3. Assistance in strengthening data storage security (if the client provides us with access details to the backup storage, for example, to the storage based on our cloud backup hosting TuchaBackup).
  • Constant server administration.

Cost — 50% of the cost of the server, but not less than 30 euros/month.

The service is charged monthly.

The order of processing requests — prioritized.

This type of support provides that we have administrative rights to access the client's system for the entire duration of using the service, thanks to creating additional accounts. With constant administration, our specialists take the server on a special account to regularly monitor its operation, maintain high performance and quickly eliminate shortcomings if they suddenly arise, without waiting for a request from the client. In short, with this type of support, the client receives our full assistance to ensure the smooth and productive operation of the server.

In terms of constant administration, our team is responsible for the data centers` physical infrastructure, virtualization environment, virtual hardware, as well as for the operation of the client's operating system and software installed on their virtual machine. Also, this type of support provides other useful services at the request of the client:

  • troubleshooting the system, making changes to the system settings and software configurations if problems are detected by users;
  • monitoring the effectiveness and improvement of individual system components;
  • providing advice on any issues related to the system operation.

3. Warranty support.

Cost — free on certain conditions, which will be discussed in detail later.

Warranty support can be used only for virtual servers that host:

  • websites;
  • websites with email;
  • domain zones and files.

The order of processing requests — prioritized.

With this type of support, the client receives the same set of services as with constant server administration, but for free and with some difference in access rights. To use the warranty support, the client must adhere to several mandatory conditions:

  1. It is a new virtual machine, and the client has never used its administrative rights.
  2. Only our technical support has the administrator rights, and the client only works with the server as a user.
  3. A system based on DirectAdmin, VestaCP and BitrixVM from our templates is installed on the virtual machine.

With warranty support, we are also responsible for the physical infrastructure of the data centers, the virtualization environment, virtual hardware, the client's operating system, and software.

This type of support is valid till the moment when the client decides to receive the server admin rights. Of course, we will provide them immediately, but in this case, the warranty support will turn into either basic or extended support. It will depend on the clients' choice.

It is important that no matter what type of support the client chooses, in any case, the client is responsible for the operation of the data uploaded to the server.

Visual comparison of support types

Characteristic Basic support Hourly server administration Constant server administration Warranty support
Areas of Tucha responsibility
  • Physical data center infrastructure
  • Virtualization environment
  • Virtual hardware
  • Physical data center infrastructure
  • Virtualization environment
  • Virtual hardware
  • Physical data center infrastructure
  • Virtualization environment
  • Virtual hardware
  • Operating system 
  • Software
  • Physical data center infrastructure
  • Virtualization environment
  • Virtual hardware
  • Operating system 
  • Software
Administrator rights belong to Client Client.  At the time of work — Tucha technical support Client and Tucha technical support  Tucha technical support
Available For all For all For all For virtual servers that host:
  • web sites;
  • websites with email;
  • domain zones and files
Ensuring constant monitoring of server operation No No Yes Yes
Order of processing requests Standard  Standard  Prioritized  Prioritized 
Cost Free 20 euros/hour 50% of the server cost, but not less than 30 euros/month Free on certain conditions


Is it possible to do without technical support?

Indeed, this question may arise for a client who is just starting to work in clouds. By default, each Tucha client receives basic technical support for free. This type of support can be sufficient if the client has a qualified system administrator who is well versed in server administration. If there is no such specialist around or the client does not want to burden their system administrator with additional tasks, we will be happy to provide our professional assistance.

For what services Tucha provides technical support

All four types of technical support are available to the client if they order the virtual server based on such Tucha cloud services:

  • TuchaFlex+ — flexible virtual servers with data centers outside of Ukraine (mainly in Germany) and with guaranteed availability of services at the level of 99.9%.
  • TuchaBit — virtual servers based in Ukraine with guaranteed availability of services at the level of 99.0%.
  • TuchaHost— virtual servers with large HDD disks at a budget price with data centers in Europe (mainly in Germany).

Hourly administration can also be ordered to deal with some unusual service settings that do not provide servers rental (although most requests are processed at no additional cost within the framework of basic support):

  • TuchaBackup — reliable cloud backup storage.
  • TuchaHosting — stable and fast cloud hosting for websites and mail.
  • TuchaSync — cloud storage for storing, syncing, and quick sharing files.
About technical support during the testing of Tucha services

Most of our services can be tested for free for 7 days. During this time, the client will not just examine the demo environment to assess its compliance for further work but will already start working fully on the virtual server. The test period is enough to transfer the necessary work programs and data, as well as to configure them thoughtfully. Also, along with checking the operation of cloud services, the client receives the same level and quality of technical support as in direct cooperation with us. The client will always have a responsive, attentive, and competent Tucha support team around. Our specialists will give you consultations, help you transfer data (if necessary), and will be in touch 24x7.

About some accounting and legal aspects

Payment for the use of all the services of Tucha is made in hryvnia at the NBU exchange rate on the first day of each month. Prices already include VAT (for those clients who pay this tax).
We provide a complete package of all accounting documents: original invoices, acts of completed work, tax invoices, and others. If you need hard copies of these documents instead of electronic ones, we will quickly prepare them. As for the legal basis, our cooperation with clients is based on the Public Agreement (offer).


No matter what type of support the client chooses — basic, extended, or warranty support — qualified specialists of Tucha will always be there. Each of our clients can count on prompt and high-quality round-the-clock technical assistance.

Feel free to contact us with any questions! We will be happy to advise and help you decide on the necessary cloud solutions and the appropriate type of technical support. Write to our email address sales@tucha.uaa or call +380 44 583-5-583.

Tucha is in touch 24×7!

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