The hacker will not pass, or why you need to hide the server in a private network

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Some people say that it is better to keep the ship in port. But it was made for a different purpose. The worldwide network is like the ocean. If you are afraid of pirates, stay on the shore, and do not dream of a big voyage. But, unlike the ship, many aspects of working with the Internet can be secured. Today we will tell you how to effectively protect your data on a cloud server by hiding the server in a private network. Here is a productive reading, friends!

When our clients order virtual machines, they get a server that is directly connected to the Internet. We do not filter traffic in any way, so each client can do anything on their server. Is it safe? Experience shows that it is not always. Hackers can exploit the vulnerabilities of some network services.

What to do?

We recommend the following solution to our clients - hide the server in a private network, which can only be connected via a VPN. If necessary, we will help you set up your personal virtual router, so, the server will be connected to the private network, which in turn is tightly closed by a firewall.

You can also configure TCP/UDP connections to be routed to the ports of the virtual machine. For example, if you connect to port 13389 of an external firewall, the connection is routed to port 3389 of the virtual machine. In this case, you can access the remote desktop without installing a VPN connection, and all other services will only be available when you connect to the private network.

What will change?

This approach will largely protect the server from hacking. And if you close it completely (it means, without port forwarding, but with a VPN connection), it will also protect you from a password attack. Because to find an account password, a hacker first needs to get into the private network, but it is protected by the VPN connection.

Among other changes, for clients who switch from a direct connection to a shared network to the direct connection to the private network, the IP addresses will be changed.


If you plan to use the private network for your internal needs, with only one external address on the virtual router, this will not affect the cost of our services. But, if you need the network for VPN or port forwarding, it means that you need the external addresses for both the server and the private network. Therefore, you will need to pay a symbolic 2 euros for one address.

That is all. Use this simple, but at the same time, effective method protecting against hacking on the server. And contact us for consultation 24×7, we will help.

See you soon, friends!

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