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Today, websites are absolutely necessary. Even if it is an offline business, having a page on the Internet is not a whim but a necessity. And indeed, no matter what type of business we are talking about, the vast majority of customers find out about it from the Internet. It does not matter what it is: an online store, a medical company's website, or a business event landing page.

But if you want to make your site truly attractive for new visitors and new customers, you need to think not only about its content and design. Initially, if the site loads slowly or crashes, users will quickly get tired of it. As a result, they will either search for what they need among competitors or simply close such a site without giving it a second chance. Therefore, to prevent this from happening, you need to take care of reliable hosting for the site. The best solution for this task will be the clouds from Tucha. Let's look at the advantages.

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Why reliable hosting is so important

Why are fast page loading and stable site operation so important for business? Let us look at some statistics.

For example, the average site loading speed is 2 seconds, the slow speed is considered to be more than 3 seconds, and the optimal speed is less than 1 second. Therefore, if the site loads for more than 3 seconds, it has all chances to leave its owner without 50% of visitors at the first stages of interaction with potential customers. Also, Google announced that since 2018, the site loading speed became the main ranking factor for mobile search results.

How is this related to hosting? In fact, in many ways, the stable operation of the resource depends on hosting. In addition to these characteristics, reliable hosting should ensure the smooth operation of the site even during heavy loads and withstand a critical influx of visitors. This means being fault-tolerant. Poor-quality hosting simply cannot work well in such conditions. So, the site may crash, slow down, or even become temporarily unavailable.

To prevent this, we recommend using a trusted hosting service. And of course, we think that hosting from Tucha is the best fit. ;-)

Clouds are suitable for all types of sites

There are many types of websites, so let us find out which type of sites will get advantages from the clouds. But first, a spoiler: clouds are suitable for all types of sites. :-)

But still, the main types of sites are:

  • A business card site is the simplest type of site with up to 10 pages. This is a kind of company catalog that contains basic information about it: a company`s description, a list of products or services, and contacts.
  • A landing page. This is a one-page site that aims to encourage users to take action (order, purchase, visit, etc.).
  • An online shop is an extremely popular type of website with a list of a company's products.
  • A corporate website that represents a company on the Internet.
  • A portal site contains useful materials: articles, news, services, surveys, etc.
  • A showcase site (or catalog site) is a kind of showcase that contains information about a company and a catalog of products or services.
Advantages of cloud hosting for websites

What will the site get if it is hosted in the cloud?

  1. Stable and fast hosting. Tucha cloud services provide guaranteed 99.0% and 99.9% availability of services, depending on the territorial location of data centers (in Ukraine or abroad, mainly in Germany).
  2. Safe and secure hosting. Hosting of the site in the cloud is more secure than its hosting on physical servers. So, it will be much more difficult for hackers or strangers to gain access to the site and all its data.
  3. Scalability of resources. Cloud resources are flexible, so they are easy to scale if you need more power or vice versa. Usually, a new configuration is agreed upon in a matter of minutes.

And what does the business owner get?

  1. Prompt and round-the-clock technical support. The technical support of Tucha is available 24x7, so if you have any questions, you can contact us and get prompt help.
  2. Cost-saving. Using clouds can save money on purchasing and maintaining IT equipment. You can independently (or with our help) determine the amount and type of resources that you need. Besides, you do not need to make large initial financial investments.
  3. Increase the number of users, stay on the site, and stable operation at high load. Cloud hosting will help your site load faster and work more stably. This is extremely important for website visitors.
Tucha services for all types of sites

How do I choose the right hosting service? It all depends on the level of user load on the site. In particular, for sites with a low load and a moderate number of users, the best solution is the service TuchaHosting.

TuchaHosting is the service for hosting websites and mail in the cloud with guaranteed availability of 99.9% and data centers outside of Ukraine (mainly in Germany).

For high-load sites and resources with a large number of users, virtual servers are suitable. These are TuchaFlex+ and TuchaBit services.

TuchaFlex+ is the service of virtual servers of any configuration with data centers outside of Ukraine (mainly in Germany) and guaranteed availability of 99.9%.

TuchaBit is the service of cloud servers of balanced configurations (units) that host data on Ukrainian platforms and have guaranteed availability of 99.0%.

Questions that may arise

1. Can any website be hosted in the cloud?

Absolutely any resource can be placed in the cloud. You just need to select the appropriate service.

2. What should I do if I do not know which service to choose?

Please contact us. We will be happy to help you choose the service and configuration that is best suited for your specific task.

3. Why do I need to choose the clouds from Tucha? There are other hosting services., sometimes even free.

Unlike free services, we provide round-the-clock technical support to our clients. It means that you can contact us at any time and get an answer to your question or prompt assistance in solving a problem that has appeared. Besides, free hosting services are provided "as is", without any guarantees of safe site placement


The important factors that affect the quality of the site are its stable operation and fast page loading. And the clouds from Tucha will help here. So, join the cloud technology to make your site smooth and fault-tolerant. We will be happy to help you. Contact us 24x7!

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