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The transition of companies to a remote format of work is an urgent task today. Some implement remote access to individual workspace only during the quarantine, but at the same time, many companies have discovered this as a convenient way of working and have completely switched online. In any case, it is easier to migrate to the cloud if you know what is happening and how. For this purpose, we write articles that describe in detail the process of deploying a remote office, features of migration, and provide calculations of such a solution cost. In this article, we share a collection of useful articles that will provide answers to all frequently asked questions about remote work.

The main: what a remote office is

A simple organization of remote work for companies is possible thanks to the cloud. This is how it works: a remote terminal server (or a group of servers) hosts all necessary programs and data for a company operation. For example, in the cloud, you can work with:

  • applications for automating business processes and work of an entire team in a single space (in particular, CRM and ERP systems);
  • programs for accounting, e-document management, and financial reporting (for example, M.E.Doc, various versions of 1C: Enterprise);
  • almost any other specialized applications and software;
  • IP telephony;
  • corporate mail, company website;
  • backup copies of important data;
  • archives, documents, files of any format, and so on.

Remote desktop connectivity for each employee is configured through secure communication channels. At the same time, employees can only work with programs and data they are given access to. You can connect to the workspace anytime and from anywhere in the world. For work, you only need a stable Internet connection and a gadget with even the simplest technical characteristics — a tablet, laptop, or PC. All the information that employees work with is stored not on physical devices but in the reliable cloud. Thus, the data will always be safe, even if the gadget suddenly fails or gets lost.

All about organizing remote work for a team

The first thing to start with is to choose a reliable and responsible provider that you can confidently trust the data and operation of your business. How to determine such a cloud service provider by all-important indicators, we have described in a detailed checklist. Download and use it to make your choice conscious.

The next step is to get acquainted with the main stages of migration and organization of work in the cloud. The Tucha blog is constantly updated with materials that relate to various aspects of this process. Here, for example, are articles that will help you learn more:

To understand the cost of organizing remote work for your team, you should answer just two questions that we have given in a separate article. It will help you find out from what components the cost consists of, and a simple algorithm will allow you to estimate how much it will cost to solve your task.

A description of a typical case of remote office deployment for a team of 25 people on one of the projects we have implemented will help you understand how everything happens. This article will be useful if you are interested in understanding:

  • what stages of transferring a team's work to the cloud are;
  • what difficulties may arise in the process and how to avoid them;
  • how long it takes to set up remote workstations;
  • what results our clients get.
Here are some more useful articles on the topic

Working in clouds is not a difficult task. Especially when you always have several useful materials at hand that will answer important questions, help you understand the work and basic settings:

About technical support

Of course, our help is not limited to articles. If you have any additional questions at the beginning or during the work, please contact the Tucha technical support service. Our team is in touch 24×7 and is always ready to provide a qualified answer to any questions about working in the cloud. And the use of life hacks for working with the technical support will additionally make us even more useful for you by assisting as soon as possible.

A separate detailed article will help you learn in detail about all types of support and choose the most appropriate one.

Sum up

Moving the company's work to the cloud will help the team to work comfortably, stably, and safely, and the business will additionally save money on the maintenance of IT equipment. The main thing is to entrust this task to a reliable and responsible cloud provider to make sure that everything goes as it should. We have extensive experience organizing remote work for small businesses with several employees and large-scale companies with large teams. If you have a similar task, write to us at or call at +380 44 583-5-583. We will select the solution in accordance with your conditions, help with migration to the cloud and provide high-quality round-the-clock support. We are happy to help you!

Related articles

Based on the projects implemented over the past year, we analyze a typical case of how to organize a remote office for a team of 25 people in just 3 working days without downtimes and with minimal cost.

The ability to work from any corner of the world as effectively as in the office is a strategic need for many companies. Cloud solutions from Tucha will help you solve this problem quickly and with the least investment of efforts and finance. We will explain how to set up remote work using clouds and give you exact calculations. 

Today, websites are absolutely necessary. Even if it is an offline business, having a page on the Internet is not a whim but a necessity...

So, should you be afraid to store data in the cloud?

Choosing hosting for accounting software and data requires special care and consideration. They contain confidential information, and therefore need protection from loss, interference, and falling into the hands of third parties. They also require an uninterrupted connection for employees who are granted access. Accounting hosting on Tucha virtual servers meets all these requirements.

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