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For safe operation, more and more companies entrust programs and data storage to the cloud. And this is reasonable since remote placement significantly reduces the risks of information loss or damage. At the same time, there are tools that help additionally strengthen data protection in case of force majeure. For example, if an office is raided by "robbers" who are hunting for important data. To protect information from unauthorized persons, we recommend setting up the alarm button mechanism in advance. We will tell you how it works and what benefits it has.

About working with the tool
Про роботу з інструментом

The main function of the "alarm button" is to quickly turn off the system and block all access to it in case of critical situations.

How does it work? When ordering the service, the client creates and provides us with a unique voice password - a code word. If in case of force majeure, there is an urgent need to suspend the operation of the server (or servers), the customer calls the Tucha technical support service at +380 44 583-5-583 and specifies the following data:

  • contract number;
  • the code word;
  • the need to disable access to servers (or to some parts).

Immediately after receiving the signal, we temporarily block access to the services. And until the customer notifies us of the need to resume work, remote servers will not be available.

What is the best way to inform about the need for blocking

The customer can provide a signal about the activation of the mechanism from any phone number. It is important that for this we recommend calling, and not using e-mail. Of course, the client can inform us by letter about an emergency, but in this case, their message will be processed under the general request processing rules. That is, a little longer than a phone call.

Preferably the head, the owner of the company, or another specialist who, according to the regulations, has the rights of a contact person on administrative matters trigger alarm button mechanism in a critical situation.

How to restore access

So as villains could not use the code word they heard and unlock the system, to resume access, the client must send an email to our address on behalf of the administrative contact person. In the message, one should specify the personal account for which the services are blocked, the voice password used for this, and the desired date for unblocking access.

Essential information about the tool
  • The mechanism can be used for complete blocking of access, as well as for blocking a certain part of the resources if the client needs it.
  • An emergency shutdown of the system does not mean the termination of work and the completion of maintenance of the remote server, therefore, payment for services for the period of the temporary blocking does not stop.
  • The procedure for providing the service is regulated by the Public Agreement (offer).
Even more security

Reliable work requires a comprehensive approach, so we recommend following simple rules of cybersecurity and paying attention to other our useful tools:

  • full snapshots of each server disk, which are provided for most of our services;
  • additional dedicated IP addresses with geolocation in Ukraine or abroad.
  • ready-made server templates with enabled disk encryption.
  • the ability to encrypt communication channels.

Setting up the alarm button mechanism is simple and fast. And most importantly, it will help to strengthen the protection of information from intruders and get out of a critical situation without risks and losses.

If you want to use a useful tool in your work or you have additional questions, please contact us! You are always welcome.

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