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Bitrix: Site Management is one of the most popular CMS; it helps many companies create high-quality websites and online stores, and effectively manage them. To make web projects work smoothly and bring maximum benefit, you need a reliable hosting service that meets all the requirements of the software product developer.

Tucha has been the recommended hosting-partner of Bitrix for many years. It means that our team knows everything about reliable placement and ensuring stable operation of sites on Bitrix CMS. TuchaHosting is suitable for hosting small web projects in the cloud. In this article, we tell you and show you how to calculate the cost of renting a virtual machine for hosting high-load sites with a large number of visitors, how much migration costs, and what useful tools will help strengthen data security.

About the platform and the advantages of its hosting in the cloud

In short, Bitrix: Site Management is the professional CMS, universal software product for creating and managing websites and online stores of various scales. It includes 5 licenses:

  • Start.
  • Standard.
  • Small business.
  • Business.
  • Enterprise.

Recall that Tucha is the recommended hosting partner of Bitrix. This means that the software product developer has tested the work of web projects based on Bitrix: Site Management in the cloud of Tucha, and they recommend us for reliable hosting. Tucha services consistently provide high performance of projects. Our performance indicators are usually at least twice higher than the reference.

Also, we as a provider guarantee:

  • reliable data placement far from the office or even the country, depending on the service you select;
  • fast operation of sites and guaranteed availability of services at the level of 99.0-99.9%;
  • fault tolerance of the system even during peak loads;
  • simple scaling of resources.

Why is it better to choose cloud hosting over physical servers? Clouds do not require significant financial investments to start work and maintenance expenses on the IT infrastructure. Virtual servers are also more protected from unauthorized access and force majeure.

For more information about the advantages of the Tucha cloud hosting for projects based on CMS Bitrix: Site Management, visit this page.

Tucha Team
How much does it cost to host a site based on Bitrix: Site Management in the Tucha cloud

It is not difficult to calculate the approximate cost of hosting a web project on the virtual server. To do this, you need to know the answers to two questions:

1. Where is better to keep the data, in Ukraine or abroad?

We offer a choice of where to place data: in Ukraine, or Europe (mainly in Germany).

TuchaBit is virtual servers based in Ukraine with guaranteed availability of services at the level of 99.0%. Servers consist of balanced configuration blocks — units. One unit includes 1 GB of RAM and 25 GB of hard disk storage. The service is scaled by adding the desired number of virtual units.

If it is preferable to store your data abroad, we recommend considering the service TuchaFlex+. The service provides flexible virtual servers with data centers in Europe (mainly in Germany) and guaranteed service availability at the level of 99.9%. The service allows you to build a virtual machine of any configuration, you can select any necessary amount of RAM, hard disk storage, required number of processors, and IP addresses. TuchaFlex+ is also scaled by adding any number of resources.

2. Which Bitrix: Site Management are you going to place in the cloud?

The amount of virtual server resources depends on the license type. Based on the recommendations of the Bitrix: Site Management product developer, we have designed the specific configurations for each of the licenses.

Here is an illustrative example

Let us look at the cost of virtual machines based on various services for hosting the Standard license, the most popular product license.

Usually, for hosting sites based on this license, we offer a virtual machine that costs 29.00 euros/month, based on TuchaBit service (in Ukraine), and 47.00 euros/month if it is TuchaFlex+ (with data centers in Europe). Hereinafter, prices inclusive of VAT (for those who need it). Payment for services is made in hryvnia at the exchange rate of the NBU on the first day of the current month.

Now more information about the cost of each of the services:


The service consists of units, and 1 unit is 1 GB of RAM and 25 GB of hard disk memory. The rental cost one unit is 9 euros/month. To work effectively with the Standard license in our cloud, we will offer a machine consisting of 3 units. The total rental cost is 27 euros/month. 3 units include:

  • 2 CPU;
  • 3 GB RAM; 
  • 75 GB SSD. 

Додаємо 1 IP-адресу за ціною 2 євро/місяць та отримуємо для роботи віртуальну машину, вартість оренди якої складає 29 євро/місяць.

The price already includes two full snapshots of the virtual machine disk. To learn more about the use of snapshots and how they are created, read the special article.


Since this service is a flexible constructor, it allows you to build a machine of any configuration. For hosting the Standard license, the appropriate solution is to deploy a virtual machine of this configuration:

  • 2 CPU = 5 euros/month;
  • 3 GB RAM = 30 euros/month;
  • 50 GB SSD = 10 euros/month;
  • 1 IP address = 2 euros/month.

The cost of renting this configuration is 47 euros/month. The price already includes two full snapshots of the virtual machine disk.

The configurations that we offer for hosting each of Bitrix: Site Management licenses are approximate and depend on a client's tasks. These configurations are initial, but they are sufficient to work effectively with a site or online store for a long time. However, you can easily add more resources if the server load increases.

In the course of work, we will offer specific configuration and service suitable for site hosting on CMS Bitrix: Site Management that meets the client's needs.

Cost of transferring a site to the Tucha cloud

Tucha specialists will be happy to help you transfer a web project based on Bitrix: Site Management to the Tucha virtual server. We provide the transferring service for free.

The data transfer process is performed in a few simple steps. You can learn how to deploy, or transfer sites based on the selected CMS on this page.

Data center security and additional data protection

About the reliability of data centers

All the capacities of Tucha are located in the secure data centers that meet Tier 3 security level or higher. This means that the platforms have both main and backup communication channels, including Internet channels, power supply, cooling systems, etc. Preventive and repair processes inside the data centers are conducted without stopping the systems, so the servers are available at any time.

About backups

To increase data security and further protect it from loss, we recommend regularly create backups and store them in the cloud. To do this, you will need cloud backup hosting based on the service TuchaBackup. It will help you place backup copies of site files and databases on remote servers (mainly in Germany) and have round-the-clock access to them. The initial configuration consists of 50 GB and costs 5 euros/month. If there is a need, you can easily increase the amount of cloud storage.

Testing services

Of course, our clients can test their site in the cloud of Tucha for free within 7 days. This time is usually enough to check the speed and stability of the site in the cloud, evaluate the convenience of using the service and the quality of interaction with the technical support service.

Before you start working with us, we will help you choose the right service and configuration, deploy the virtual machine. And if you need it, we will help you with data transferring.

Technical support

Simple and clear communication with the technical support service, 24×7 availability, and fast response to requests is what our clients get. And, of course, the smooth operation of the virtual servers where the site or online store hosted. We work round-the-clock to ensure that the system works consistently, and clients receive the best possible service. You can choose one of these types of technical support:

  • Basic (free).
  • Permanent server administration (50% of the server cost, but not less than 30 euros/month).
  • Hourly server administration (20 euros/hour).
  • Warranty support (free under certain conditions).
Financial, accounting and legal issues

About payment for services

Payment for all Tucha services is made in hryvnia. The cost is fixed for the entire month at the NBU exchange rate on the first day of each month. Please note that the price already includes VAT (for those who pay this tax).

There are several methods of payment available for Ukraine: payment to the company's current account, payment by a bank card (via Privat24 app or PrivatBank terminals), and LiqPay online payment.

If you need to pay for cloud services in euros using PayPal or Bank Transfer, you can use the services of our partner in Poland.

About accounting documents

Each client receives a complete set of necessary accounting documents: original invoices, acts of completed work, tax invoices, etc. We actively encourage e-document management, but if you need paper versions of documents, we will provide them.

About legal security

The cooperation of clients with Tucha is based on the Public Agreement (offer). If you need a paper version, we will also provide the application for joining the Public Agreement.


Hosting of sites and online stores based on Bitrix: Site Management in the cloud of Tucha ensures reliable data placement, high indicators of performance, and guaranteed availability of services at the level of 99.0-99.9%. Also, you will get the best technical support 24×7, transparent terms of cooperation, as well as our care, and prompt assistance in solving any issues.

If you also have a task for hosting a web project in the cloud, write to or call +380 44 583-5-583. Tucha specialists will be happy to help you find the exact solution and transfer your data to the reliable virtual servers.

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Choosing hosting for accounting software and data requires special care and consideration. They contain confidential information, and therefore need protection from loss, interference, and falling into the hands of third parties. They also require an uninterrupted connection for employees who are granted access. Accounting hosting on Tucha virtual servers meets all these requirements.

Moving accounting to virtual servers is a common request to the Tucha team. However, before deciding to transfer programs and data to the cloud, customers often have some questions.

The box version of Bitrix24 requires reliable hosting. The quality and stable operation of the CRM system significantly depends on it, and consequently, to a certain degree, a team’s productivity. In order to always be sure of the uninterrupted operation of the software product, entrust the placement of the box to us since we are a recommended hosting partner Bitrix24. 

We continue to analyze solutions for solving clients` typical cloud tasks. Next up is an example of solving another popular task of transferring the Bitrix24 CRM box version to the cloud, which we recently implemented for our client. 

Fast site loading, smooth operation, and the ability to withstand a large influx of visitors are important for any resource, regardless of what CMS it runs on — WordPress, Joomla, OpenCart, Drupal, or any other. Among other things, high-quality cloud hosting will help you achieve high-performance indicators. Here we will tell you how much it costs to host a site based on popular CMS in the cloud from Tucha, how to transfer data, and what reliability and convenience advantages you will get.

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