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More and more companies are hosting their accounting in the cloud. And this is reasonable because the advantages of cloud accounting dismiss all the doubts.

Even if the Finance Department works smoothly and efficiently, slow operation of specialized apps and unstable access can affect the entire company`s productivity. To reduce the risks and cost of IT equipment, you can transfer accounting to virtual servers.

What is accounting in the cloud? In this article, we are going to consider the benefits of hosting accounting in the cloud.

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Accounting in the cloud

Accounting in the cloud is the transfer of specialized accounting software, individual applications, financial accounting programs (for example, 1C: Enterprise), reporting (for example M.E.Doc), client-bank applications to the remote servers in the cloud. In the cloud, you can also host other programs that are necessary for your work, such as CRM, ERP systems, and corporate mail. Also, in the cloud, you can host documents, archives, additional files, and so on.

For example, with the cloud services from Tucha, data can be placed outside the office both in Ukraine and abroad (mainly in Germany).

Why clouds are better than regular physical servers

First of all, storing accounting data and programs on local computers is related to data security. The use of physical servers increases the risks of access to confidential information by intruders and unauthorized persons. Also, if you place your accounting on the servers in the office, it requires significant investments into the IT infrastructure: purchase, replacement, and modernization of equipment, having of a specialist, and so on. Finally, physical servers depend on a stable power supply and are not protected from force majeure. The cloud will help you avoid these risks.

Advantages of the cloud accounting

Transfering accounting to the cloud is not difficult, so it does not take much time. In order not to lose important data, you can entrust this task to our specialists. We will safely transfer all the important programs and documents to the virtual servers or help you get started in the cloud just in a matter of hours.

Here are the advantages that cloud accounting provides:

  • Mobility and stable operation. You can connect to the workspace and work with accounting online from any device and anywhere. This is especially important when an accountant needs to work from home or on a business trip and quickly exchange information with colleagues. All you need for a connection is a device, even with basic characteristics, and Internet access.
  • Reliable and secure data storage. The cloud will help protect important data from loss, access by unauthorized persons, or intruders. Information is placed outside the office or even the country in reliable Tier 3 security level data centers or higher. The high fault tolerance of the system ensures the safety of data even in case of power failures.
  • Economy. The clouds do not require an initial investment in IT equipment. You can use only the amount of resources that you need now.
  • Also, with the clouds, you do not need to worry about server maintenance and a specialist who will support it. And this allows to saves money.
  • Simple scaling of resources. This advantage is connected not only with the economy but also with the convenience. Resources are easy to scale if necessary. You only need to contact our technical support service, and we will organize everything. So, you can avoid unnecessary expenditures and downtime during resource replacement.
  • Convenience. Employees and the manager have round-the-clock access to the work software and documents. The clouds allow you to work efficiently, even if employees are far away from each other.

Besides, among the additional advantages are the provision of access only to selected users, the ability to work without external drives, updates of licenses, as well as the ability to use almost any OS.

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Service Calculator

You can calculate the cost of accounting hosting for the services:

TuchaFlex+ is the service of virtual servers of any configuration with data centers outside of Ukraine (mainly in Germany) and guaranteed availability of 99.9%.

TuchaBit is the service of virtual servers of balanced configurations based on Ukrainian platforms and guaranteed availability of 99.0%.

To learn more about the most popular configurations and the cost of the service for different numbers of employees, visit the page Cloud-based accounting.

And if you need qualified help in selecting the configuration, or you have additional questions, feel free to contact us. We will be happy to help you.


So, cloud accounting has all the same features for work, which has 1C accounting hosted on a local computer. But remote accounting has several advantages such as data security, stable and fast work with programs and documents anytime and anywhere. Also, you save on maintenance of the IT equipment.

So, join the cloud to make your work with accounting more convenient and secure, and the business will receive the maximum benefit! Call or email us and we will help you choose the best solution. Contact us 24×7!

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