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Recently, we wrote about what CRM systems are, how they are useful for business and how to ensure the most effective operation of this kind of software. Now we would like to talk in detail about the most popular CRM system not only in Ukraine but also in the CIS countries — Bitrix24. And also, about how the cloud solutions from Tucha are beneficial for various tariffs of the box version of this software product.

In general, Bitrix24 is more than just a CRM system. This is a whole set of tools that helps to simplify a company's work processes, provide better communication with employees and customers,  control tasks execution, etc. The main feature of the box version of Bitrix24 is the ability to host the product on a personal server. This has a number of benefits that we will discuss later. Of course, considering the reliability, security, and convenience that clouds provide, we recommend placing the box versions of Bitrix24 on virtual servers. So, let us look at all the advantages in more detail.

What is the Bitrix24 box?

Bitrix24 is a whole set of tools that helps in optimizing companies` work. It includes such main components: CRM system, Tasks and projects, Contact center, Websites and stores, Office. 

The functionality that the user receives depends on the selected version. The following functions are currently available: CRM system, Online store+CRM, Corporate portal (with versions that depend on the number of users), and Enterprise. The choice of the tariff depends on the number of users who will work in Bitrix24 and the required number of tools.

The box version of Bitrix24 is a license that the user buys once and renews once a year. The main difference between this version and the cloud version is that you need a server to host it. 

As already mentioned, you can host the system on a physical or virtual server, which allows the owner to independently (or through a provider) monitor the state of the system. With the box version, you can independently influence the quality of its work by selecting a server (as a rule, you can not influence the work of the ready-made cloud version, therefore, in case of problems with the server, all the portals that work on it could simultaneously become faulty).

The box has slightly advanced functionality. The number of simultaneously running business processes is not limited by the supplier. Also, it allows modifying internal modules due to the allowed access to the file structure. In addition, this version allows a system administrator to launch portal updates personally. This makes it possible to monitor all updates and install them at the right time, so that, for example, it does not interfere with the work of users.

Perhaps the main factor that affects the operation of the box is the server on which the software product is hosted. What exactly depends on the quality of hosting?

  • The speed of operation and stability of access to Bitrix24.
  • Fault tolerance of the system and uninterrupted operation even during heavy loads.
  • Security and reliable data storage.
  • Fast scaling, i.e., the ability to quickly add resources for providing the currently needed capacity.
  • The speed of technical support response to requests.

Placement of Bitrix24 in the clouds from Tucha will help to ensure high performance.

Why are the clouds from Tucha?

First of all, we would like to mention that Tucha is a certified hosting partner of Bitrix24. This means that the software manufacturer has tested the operation of its system in our cloud and recommends the solution from Tucha for stable work. Placing the boxes in our cloud provides users with a number of advantages:

  1. Reliable and fast operation. The software product is hosted on secure servers far outside the user's office or even the country. In addition, the speed and quality of the box do not depend on the technical characteristics of the equipment installed in the office.
  2. System fault tolerance and stable access to Bitrix24 from anywhere in the world. The services Tucha have a high fault tolerance: for example, this indicator is at the level of 99.9% for TuchaFlex+, and 99.0% for TuchaBit.
  3. Reliable and secure data storage. The data is additionally protected by snapshots — a full image of the system, which, in case of critical changes, will help to return it to the state in which it was at the time of taking the snapshot. The backup service TuchaBackup will take care of additional data security.
  4. Scaling and reducing costs. There is no need to buy powerful IT equipment, spend money on its maintenance, as well as replacing and upgrading resources in the future. All resources are easy to scale if the user's needs change over time.
  5. Support of server health. We ensure the stable operation of the cloud environment. If necessary, you can order virtual server administration. Responsive competent multilingual support from Tucha is available 24×7.
Tucha services for hosting Bitrix24

We have years of experience in choosing services and configurations for hosting the Bitrix24 boxes in the cloud. Thanks to this, we were able to identify the optimal configurations in terms of the content and cost for each of the Bitrix24 box versions. In general, all the configurations are based on two services — TuchaFlex+ and TuchaBit:

  • TuchaFlex+ — virtual servers of any configuration with data centers outside of Ukraine (mainly in Germany). TuchaFlex+ is a kind of constructor because it allows you to create any configuration of resources.
  • TuchaBit — servers of balanced configuration with platforms in Ukraine.

To learn more about each configuration and its cost, please contact our Solution Selection Service. The specialists from Tucha will send presentations with the descriptions of all the configurations and answer any questions.

How to choose the right service

There are several ways to determine the necessary service and calculate the cost of solving a specific task. The easiest one is to contact us. Specialists of the Tucha Solution Selection Service will help you choose a service in accordance with the task. Another option is to calculate the cost of the service by yourself. To do this, you can use the ready-made calculators that are available on the services pages. 


The box version of Bitrix24 placed in the cloud is a successful solution for companies that strive to implement effective tools in their work and increase efficiency. 

The box version has a number of advantages: in particular, economy (you buy a one-time license and renew it in a timely manner for relatively small money), the ability to independently choose the location of the system, and thanks to this, influence its operation, and so on.

And the cloud solutions from Tucha provide fault tolerance and stable operation of the box. Also, compared to hosting the software product on physical servers, clouds provide it with more reliable placement, help protect data from loss and access by unauthorized persons, and save money on IT equipment and its maintenance. Also, we take care of the smooth and stable operation of the server.

Please contact us 24×7! We are always happy to help you provide your business with the best solutions.

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