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"Why do I need to change something if it works?", is a parasitic question that a successful business should forget once and for all if it wants to remain successful for more than two or three years. Why do I need to invent something new if a site on 1C-Bitrix already works somehow? Because "somehow" is for underachievers, the growing business needs the site that will work reliably, and pages will load at maximum speed. Clients will appreciate this and choose you. What do we need for this? The first is skillful developers, the second (and generally speaking, the main thing) is a high-quality website hosting on 1C-Bitrix.

Matter of price

Let us consider an example. There are two hosting options, one costs 2 (two) units of money, the other costs 20 (twenty) units of money. Which option would be considered in most cases?


It reminds us of an old riddle for managers: A company produces and sells two products, for example, "A" and "B". Product "A" is sold poorly, and product "B" is sold well. The question, "Which of the products would attract the management and all the financial and time resources?" (here you do not have to answer). The second question is, "Where should this view be directed?"




Next, let us model the situation. The hosting that costs 2 units of money has been selected, and everything seems to work. An advertising campaign with a budget of 2 thousand units of money starts immediately, but there is no result. No matter what the offer is, and no matter how many strategists worked on the concept and conditions, the product is not sold, because users, who are also potential clients, cannot look at it. Hosting does not cope well with a large influx of traffic, and as a result, the site works slowly, so visitors leave it without waiting until the desired page downloads. They will easily find an alternative to your offer. What distinguishes an offer in an online store from a classic retail store is the maximum similarity of alternative offers. The user does not need to move from one shopping center to another, they will not think about whether it is worth spending their time moving without a guarantee of the result. You have a few seconds to attract the buyers` attention and keep them on the site because only a few clicks separate them from another offer. The worst thing for an online store owner is that users know this.


If you save on hosting for your site, you risk wasting your advertising budget. As you see, such an insignificant at a first glance stage of preparation as the choice of hosting has great importance for the further work of the entire business.


Support and maintenance


If the importance of choosing high-quality hosting is understood, let us move on. In most cases, support service only gives you access to a new account, where you need to move your site. Some providers offer to do this for you, but we went even further. Knowing the needs of our clients, we offer assistance in tuning the system for the correct operation and acceleration of your site on the CMS 1C-Bitrix during the first month of cooperation for a very reasonable fee. During this time, we adapt the software environment to your project.

Next, consider the level of feedback. Here, both the competence of the staff and the response time are important. It is really easy to find cheap hosting. But how can you be sure that their services will be reliable and stable, and the problems that arise will be resolved in time? To protect yourself, pay attention to the feedback from existing clients about the quality of technical support, the speed of response to requests, and the services' stability. They objectively show the real quality of the service.




The site loading speed and the quality of technical support are the key parameters for the 1C-Bitrix hosting. They will provide you with a serious foundation for the development of your web project. The performance results of our hosting for sites on 1C-Bitrix have already exceeded the reference ones by more than 2 times, and the optimization work is going on. Also, visit the page with the reviews of our clients, they will help you make the right decision. For more information, just contact us in any convenient way.

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