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Laravel is a popular open-source framework for creating websites. Widespread use of the software product is determined by the advantages that distinguish it from CMS. But to get the maximum from working with web projects based on the platform, you need reliable hosting. Dedicated virtual and physical remote servers from Tucha can ensure the maximum. In this article, we will tell you about the advantages that the business will receive thanks to hosting websites on Laravel in our cloud.

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The main things about Laravel

Laravel is an open-source PHP framework suitable for creating websites for companies of all sizes and industries. Our long-time partners from the web studio Red Chameleon, who have been developing online stores and websites for a long time, have shared the key features and advantages of working with the platform.

The framework is a universal and fully customizable software product that can fit customers' needs. For example, when working with a CMS, the client receives the solution with plenty of tools and modules. The customer does not always need them, but they use the server resources on which the website runs. As for Laravel, some popular features used in many web projects are collected in packages. For example, it can be SEO packages, file managers, or packages for generating logs, backup copies, etc. The rest of the functions are developed individually for the client. Thus, the platform allows the implementation of the necessary services without bypassing set restrictions. 

In addition, based on numerous implemented projects for the eCommerce industry, the web studio experts point out that Laravel is friendly to all popular front-end frameworks; so, you can develop an interface, for example, on React, Vue.js, Angular, and the back-end on Laravel. Furthermore, any design can be integrated into websites based on the platform. Let us say, to implement a specific design, which is not tailored to a CMS, you need to make a lot of effort and spend time, and money. The framework makes it easy to cope with the task of integrating individual design. In addition, it is possible to create any admin panel.

Among the advantages of the platform, developers include a high level of protection of projects, commercial and personal data of users from outside interference. The framework helps protect data from such network threats as XSS attacks (cross-site scripting) and SQL injections.

Therefore, Laravel is suitable for developing websites when:

  • increased protection and security of the resource are necessary;
  • high page loading speed is important;
  • atypical functionality of the project is required and at the same time, there is no need for plugins that are installed in a CMS.

In general, the key mission of creating the software product is an attempt to combine the best of all PHP frameworks to facilitate, simplify and speed up the tasks of creating modern sites and web applications.

So, summing up the experience of experts from Red Chameleon, the platform is the best for the development of:

  • complex and large-scale web projects, for example, a closed B2B portal for manufacturers or wholesalers of certain products;
  • CRM systems for a specific enterprise, which will solve its tasks;
  • marketplaces, sites with the service of a page constructor, etc.;
  • news portals with a functional administration panel created specifically for the client;
  • MVP versions of the project for startups in various industries;
  • SaaS solutions;
  • API services and similar solutions;
  • any project that is not typical for CMS development.

But for web resources that do not have an increased load and do not need customized solutions, a CMS will be the right solution. According to the experience of our experts, they are suitable, for example, for developing business card sites or corporate portals with up to 20,000 products on them. If the online store has more than 20,000 items, then agency experts recommend considering Laravel.

If you require more detailed information about the features of the framework, including its technical characteristics, contact our partner Red Chameleon. In the future, we will focus specifically on selecting hosting and its importance for web projects on Laravel.

Why reliable hosting is important

To make Laravel web projects work well and give site owners all the benefits of working with this platform, choosing a good hosting is important. Here are some of the main criteria that we recommend paying attention to:

  • reliability and fault tolerance of servers, which are measured by the level of guaranteed availability of services;
  • data storage in secure data centers that meet Tier 3 security level or higher and have all the necessary backup communication channels;
  • provided tools for creating and storing regular full snapshots of each disk in the virtual machine;
  • the ability to store backup copies of files on remote servers to strengthen data protection. 

Another critical consideration when selecting a hosting provider is the legally formalized principles of cooperation with the provider, especially when leasing remote servers. Also, experts from development companies say that reliable technical support is essential. It should be round-the-clock and provided by a team of experienced, reliable specialists that are interested in solving technical problems. 

As a cloud provider, we have been providing secure hosting for websites on remote servers for more than 10 years, we also already have successful experience in hosting projects on Laravel.

In general, for operating sites in the cloud, we offer several services based on both virtual and dedicated physical servers. The choice mostly depends on the workload and traffic of the site: the higher these indicators are, the more resources are required. Please note that for website hosting based on any of the services, it is possible to install Ubuntu or CentOS in the version required by the client.

Virtual servers (VPS)

Virtual servers are suitable for most tasks related to placing small resources or online stores on Laravel with an average level of load.

We always recommend choosing VPS unless you are hosting a web project with an extremely high load, and here is why:

  • virtual machines are easy to deploy and quick to scale — the required number of resources are added in a matter of minutes;
  • VPS has a higher level of fault tolerance, and their work is provided by computing cloud;
  • the Tucha services already provide regular full snapshots of each server disk.

The variety of Tucha services will allow choosing the one that will suit best the requirements of each client: 

  • with location of capacities in Ukraine (TuchaBit, TuchaBit+) or in Germany (TuchaFlex+) or Slovakia (TuchaBit+);
  • flexible configuration (TuchaFlex+) or with balanced sets of resources (TuchaBit and TuchaBit+);
  • with the guaranteed service availability level from 99.0% (TuchaBit) to 99.9% (TuchaBit+, TuchaFlex+).

Convenient sorting by parameters is available on the Tucha services page. And for all virtual servers, there is a free 7-day trial period if you need it.

Dedicated physical servers 

When it comes to choosing the hosting for Laravel sites with really high loads, for which virtual machines are not suitable, it makes sense to consider a dedicated server. The dedicated physical servers with capacities in Ukraine, France, and Germany are available based on the service TuchaMetal.

About technical support

High-quality technical support is one of the key benefits that customers receive when working on remote servers from Tucha. Our specialists provide qualified technical support round the clock, and clients receive quick feedback and meaningful help in solving problems related to the operation of their web projects in the cloud.

When working with both dedicated virtual and physical servers, the customer can select one of four types of support.

1.    Basic.

We are responsible for ensuring optimal system performance and providing advice on solving technical issues. We do not have access to the server management, so we cannot interfere directly with the system. Basic support is provided for free.

2.    Advanced level:

  • Constant server administration. Specialists of the technical support service take the server into a special account and constantly monitor the state of the system. Since we have access rights to manage the server, we can provide substantive assistance in solving issues within the system. The monthly cost is 50% of the server rental cost, but not less than 30 and not more than 300 euros/month.
  • Hourly server administration. The access rights are only issued to us for a period of error elimination. The service costs 20 euros/hour.

3.    Warranty support.

It is one of the most popular types of support among Tucha customers. Customers receive the same assistance as with constant server administration, but for free. This requires compliance with several defined conditions:

  • the server is new, and the client never had administrator rights on it before.
  • the administrator rights exclusively belong to Tucha technical support service;
  • deployment of the system from existing ready-made templates designed exclusively for hosting websites, e-mail, domain zones, and files.

The decision to host the site based on the Laravel PHP platform in the clouds from Tucha will provide the web project and business in general with the following advantages:

  1. Stable and safe operation of the web resource.
  2. Fault tolerance and guaranteed availability of the services at the level of 99.0-99.9%, depending on the selected service.
  3. Accurate selection of the server configuration according to the current load and quick deployment of the environment (if VPS is selected).
  4. The ability to easily scale resources in the future when working on virtual servers.
  5. Saving money on the purchase, and further maintenance of physical equipment by IT specialists.
  6. Mobility: You can work on the website from any part of the world without being tied to the location of the servers.
  7. Responsive technical support from Tucha works and helps customers 24×7.

When making decisions about site development platforms and web project hosting, consider Tucha! You are always welcome.

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