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What does a postman need to deliver a letter? The main thing is to know the recipient's address. Like a human, every host on the Internet also has a kind of registration – an IP address, which helps to deliver data packets strictly to the address. Of course, it is much easier for a machine to get its own "housing", the prices are obviously more affordable. :) However, the difficulties of selection are still present, not every user knows which type of IP they need. We offer our clients three options: IP from the main pool of Tucha addresses, addresses with Ukrainian and foreign geolocation. An inexperienced person can get confused easily, so let us figure out the difference between these IP addresses.

IP from the main pool of Tucha address

Some services identify addresses from our pool as German because they track the traffic route. But still, most services identify addresses using the Whois database, which shows that geolocation is Ukraine. Ukrainian Internet service providers define traffic of this IP address as foreign since they actually transmit it through their foreign channels.

If you are going to solve standard tasks (linking a site to a server or connecting to a remote desktop), IP from our pool will be enough for you. By the way, it is forbidden to do any activity from this address that can be considered suspicious: spam, DDoS attacks, or botnet organization. Although we are sure that you were not going to do such things. :)

Price tag: 2 euros/month.

IP with Ukrainian geolocation

In addition to Ukrainian geolocation, all traffic from this IP will be identified as Ukrainian. This solution will be useful if your Internet provider provides low connection speed for foreign traffic, or if this option is not available at all.

Price tag: 5 euros/month.

IP with foreign geolocation (Europe)

These addresses are issued from a foreign pool and can be identified with any geolocation you choose. To organize IP with foreign geolocation, we use the services of various providers from all over the world, so these addresses:

  • not assigned to us;
  • can be identified only by the owner-client;
  • can be easily changed upon the first demand of the client.

IP with foreign geolocation is suitable for those who are looking for more privacy.

Price tag: from 10 euros/month.

We hope that this material was useful to you, and you have seen into a matter. If you still have questions or you want to order IP or learn more about other services, please contact us to get competent advice.

Glad you 24×7!

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