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Remote work has recently become an indispensable solution for many companies. Even those who have not previously faced with this at all. Usually, before deciding to move to the cloud, people ask typical questions:

  • Where to start?
  • For which departments of the company can you organize remote work?
  • How fast is the transfer to the cloud and what is needed for this?

If you also need to organize remote work and move your office to the cloud, we will help you! In this article, we collected answers to the most common questions and told about the capabilities of the clouds for various departments of the company.

For the Accounting Department
For the Accounting Department

Placing the accounting on virtual servers is convenient and reliable at any time. Remote servers from Tucha will help protect important and confidential company data from falling into the hands of intruders. And in the conditions of remote work, the clouds will ensure the smooth operation of all accounting programs, and access to them 24×7 from anywhere in the world where you have Internet access. Thanks to the cloud, you can quickly exchange documents, generate reports, make bank payments, etc.

What are the instruments for the work of the Accounting Department that could be hosted in the cloud?

  • Management and financial accounting programs (for example, 1C: Accounting).
  • Reporting programs (M. E. Doc, etc.).
  • E-document management systems.
  • Client-bank applications.
  • Corporate mail.
  • Documents and archives.
For the Sales, Marketing, Partner Departments, and Customer Support Service

One of the main tools that help specialists of such departments in their work is CRM systems, software for business automation, and improvement of interaction with customers. Hosting CRM and ERP systems in the cloud ensures their stable operation, fault tolerance, and secure storage of the company data. The cloud makes access to CRM systems for specialists convenient, so, even from home, they will not lose contact with customers.

There are many specialized CRM systems that help organize the work of the company effectively. Also, in a separate article, you can learn how to get the most out of hosting box versions of CRM and ERP systems in the cloud.

If you use the box version of Bitrix24, we are a recommended partner of Bitrix24 and have already placed hundreds of client boxes in our cloud, so we know very well how to help the system work as efficiently as possible.

For the Legal Department

Placing legal documents and files in the cloud is not only about convenience. For sure, a specialist who always has the necessary documents and customer data at hand will be more in demand than someone who works exclusively in their office and is tied to paper documents. Besides, it is much safer to keep data in the cloud compared to on a physical server or in hard copies.

But the clouds are especially useful in work during the quarantine period. Thanks to them, lawyers can work not just in their offices but also from home, and all the necessary data will be at hand. This will allow specialists not to stop working, but to perform all tasks and be useful to clients regardless of external conditions.

We offer ready-made cloud solutions specifically for lawyers based on the service TuchaSync— storage for hosting and sharing files. The service will help you organize the storage of important data, provide reliable placement and convenient access to it in just a few clicks. You can choose the desired storage size (which can differ from the ready-made TuchaSync configurations), and the service price will already include technical support and data backup. This will additionally protect information from loss, and the work of the Legal Department from downtime.

Also, in a separate article, we wrote about why lawyers need clouds and how much it costs. And, yes, successful lawyers do not have their heads in the clouds. They work in the clouds!

For a company's website

Almost every business has a website. And competitors. For a site, it is critical to work stably, be available 24x7, and be able to withstand even a critical influx of visitors. Then competitors are not terrible. Clouds will help with this.

For what types of sites will cloud hosting be useful? Basically, any project can be hosted on the virtual servers, for example:

  • online store;
  • corporate website;
  • portal;
  • business card site;
  • landing page.

Why do you need to choose the clouds from Tucha? What are the other reasons to host the site in the cloud? You can find the answers to these questions in our article.

For an entire team

But the main thing is that you can deploy an entire virtual office in the cloud. And it can be done very quickly: as a rule, the entire process takes no more than one day. Very soon, after contacting us, the entire team will be able to work from home in the usual workspace. Each user, depending on the granted rights, will be able to access the necessary data:

  • software;
  • specialized applications;
  • CRM and ERP systems;
  • project management systems;
  • corporate mail;
  • telephony services;
  • documents, archives, etc.

Clouds will provide each employee with a desktop connection from home, the ability to work in a single space for the entire team, and also help protect important information through its reliable placement. For whom remote work in the clouds can be easily organized, and how much it costs and what additional benefits it gives, we recently told in this article.

Also, backups placed in the clouds will help protect your data. Backups are useful when restoring individual files in case of software failures or formatting media. All the advantages of cloud backup hosting are described in our article.

Please contact us!

We will help you quickly transfer separate applications or programs for work, as well as the entire IT infrastructure of the company, to the virtual servers. In short, we will deploy the remote office in the cloud, which will allow your team to work from home. And thanks to a special offer, you can save on the organization of the virtual office and implement additional useful tools for work. Call us at +380 44 583-5-583 or write to our email address We are always in touch!

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We share a collection of useful articles that will provide answers to all frequently asked questions about remote work.

Based on the projects implemented over the past year, we analyze a typical case of how to organize a remote office for a team of 25 people in just 3 working days without downtimes and with minimal cost.

The ability to work from any corner of the world as effectively as in the office is a strategic need for many companies. Cloud solutions from Tucha will help you solve this problem quickly and with the least investment of efforts and finance. We will explain how to set up remote work using clouds and give you exact calculations. 

Given increased quarantine measures and the transition of companies to remote work mode, the need to organize virtual offices is increasing. If you also need to organize remote workplaces quickly and at an affordable price, we will help you! Contact us 24x7. We will answer all your questions and provide quick assistance in organizing your team's remote work.

Recently, we wrote about what CRM systems are, how they are useful for business and how to ensure the most effective operation of this kind of software. Now we would like to talk in detail about the most popular CRM system not only in Ukraine but also in the CIS countries — Bitrix24. And also, about how the cloud solutions from Tucha are beneficial for various tariffs of the box version of this software product.

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