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Reliability is never superfluous. The higher the level of the system reliability, the calmer users feel and the more fully they can focus on performing the main tasks.

Snapshots as memento

By default, any cluster configuration of our services includes a mechanism for taking virtual machines’ snapshots, which not only capture all user files (as backups do) but also remember the states of all currently running applications and system services. Therefore, restoring from a snapshot is a journey into the past, at the time of taking the snapshot. Why would this be necessary? To restore yesterday's copy of a database, to experiment with new software or new versions of the software that is in use, to solve other regular and non-standard issues.

We provide all users with two snapshots, which are overwritten cyclically, so if the user made some changes, then took the snapshot, and then changed their mind — they can roll back to the previous version, in which there were no changes.

Such a scheme is convenient when experimental or contingency changes happen infrequently, the decision to roll back is made quickly and there is no need to return to the last week's states. But what if changes to the IT infrastructure are made constantly, have a confusing nature, and require constant reference to what happened in the past (as it usually happens, for example, in development studios or the banking sector)? In such cases, you should use a larger number of snapshots, as this provides more room for maneuvers.

We will capture everything!

What do we do when there is a demand for service? We provide it in a convenient, elegant, and automated form! In general, from today, new cluster virtual systems with additional snapshots can be ordered. You can add up to 5 additional snapshots of the system, which, together with the two basic ones, will allow you to store a week of changes in a "canned" form. Do you need more snapshots or do you want to add this service to the existing configuration? Leave a request by phone (+380 44 583-5-583), by e-mail, or by any other communication channel.

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