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Nowadays, it is difficult to overestimate the value of information. Loss of customer databases, accounting records, or other electronic documents can become irreparable and cause huge financial and reputational losses, or even bankruptcy. Fortunately, it is quite easy to protect yourself from such situations. It is enough to create data backups in time. This procedure will help you restore all the necessary information in case of its loss.


Why everyone needs backups and what are the risks of their absence


A company's information stability may be disrupted for a variety of reasons:

  • viruses that delete or damage data;
  • a targeted hacker attack aimed at disabling an information storage infrastructure;
  • hardware failure – disks and other storage devices;
  • problems with software – such as a failed update or malfunction;
  • a human factor – incorrect actions of staff;
  • data theft or data breach.

The saddest thing is that loss of information is not only about financial problems associated with data and hardware recovery. First of all, these are indirect losses: disruption of the normal functioning of business processes, reduced productivity, loss of important connections and clients, and breach of confidentiality. In present-day conditions, for many companies, it can mean a complete collapse.


Although backup creation is a vital element of any IT infrastructure, not all administrators create backups, and those who do, not always make copies in time. Recognition of the importance of backup usually comes only after full or partial loss of critical data, But, for sure, there is no need to go that far. It is much easier to automate this process so that backups are created without technical personnel interference and stored in case of unexpected circumstances. And we offer this service to all our clients. 




You can easily organize the creation of backups, either automatically or manually. Moreover, many companies do this by allocating a separate server for backups. However, cloud backups have a number of advantages, so information security experts recommend choosing it.


The cloud storage from Tucha has the following advantages:

  • information is hosted on the foreign servers (in Germany, in the data centers with Tier III security level). This enables to eliminate physical problems with local hardware (breakdowns, fires, server seizures, etc.);
  • you can save on infrastructure and personnel – there is no need to spend money on additional equipment, premises, electricity, additional hardware specialists;
  • there is no installation fee – our specialists will help you set up the creation of backups according to your needs;
  • 24×7 support – in case of any emergency, our specialists are ready to help restore the functionality of your project;
  • backing up can be performed automatically, and data recovery takes a minimum of time;
  • multi-platform support – you can use any OS (Windows, Unix-like, macOS) and various application software;
  • data transfer speed and traffic volume are not limited;
  • a moderate subscription fee for the service, discounts, and special terms of cooperation for customers who order a large amount of storage for backups.


To protect yourself and your company, order the backup service from Tucha. We guarantee the safety of all your data in the cloud in any situation! Contact us for competent advice. We are always in touch!

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