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Virtual (shared) hosting is an excellent choice for new sites, as well as for pages of small companies. It is fast, convenient, and easy to set up. Usually, at one stage of the project development, it becomes clear that the resources that virtual hosting offers are no longer enough, and it is necessary to expand, and the best choice, in this case, will be VPS. There are several main reasons why you should consider switching to VPS:

  • CMS that a site runs on is too "heavy" and requires too many resources. For example, 1C-Bitrix is known for its 'appetite';
  • a sharp increase in traffic caused by a natural development of the site (proper management, competent optimization, interesting content), seasonality, promotion, or sales. Most often, it is about online stores;
  • a company has a large number of projects and wants to dedicate a separate server for them. Usually, in this case, we are talking about software or site developers.

The reasons for the transition may be different, but the key condition is that the properties of virtual hosting are not enough for the comfortable operation of a project.

Advantages of a virtual server

Shared hosting, despite its advantages, has several obvious disadvantages. The main ones are the impossibility of full control over resources and tweaking, difficulties with scaling, the presence of "neighbors" when dozens of projects of different types can be located on one IP address. Compared to virtual hosting, VPS provides more extensive features:

  • Full control and management of the server. For an administrator, it looks like a full-fledged computer that can be configured for a specific task. It is often possible not only to install your own software but also to change the installed operating system, if necessary.Полный контроль и управление сервером

    Full control and fine-tuning of the server will be required when you need to organize the work of "heavy" applications, for example, CMS or other software. When using the standard settings may cause problems with program execution, then fine-tuning, competent resource allocation will allow the software to work with optimal performance. You may also need full management if you need to install non-standard software and the environment for it because it is impossible to do this independently on virtual hosting.


    Ease of scaling. If the selected configuration suddenly becomes insufficient, you can add additional gigabytes and gigahertz very simply, without having to stop the workflow.

    Простота масштабированияFor many companies, rapid scaling is especially important, depending on site traffic. Some types of business have prominent seasonality, for example, in travel companies, the number of applications, and traffic, increases closer to the summer and remains high until the mid-autumn. For online stores, an explosive wave of traffic can be caused by a new promotion or a special offer, a low product price, or a mention in the media. Surely, everyone is familiar with the situation when it is impossible to open a site during a promotion or it loads for 10 minutes, isn't it? A well-configured VPS with a suitable configuration perfectly copes with such cases. Besides, the increase in traffic can be caused by a site’s competent promotion and optimization. VPS allows you to change server configuration in just a few clicks, which makes it possible to quickly cope with any traffic flow.


  • Absence of "neighbors". You do not share one IP with other users, so you do not have to worry about their content.Отсутствие соседей

    Usually, in virtual hosting, by default, several projects use one real IP address. At the same time, you can not influence the content of the neighbor's resource in any way, which can be very different – gambling, adult content, drug sales, spam, and malware mailing, as well as other questionable content. As a result, if one of these resources falls under sanctions, it will be banned or put on the lists of suspicious together with legal sites that were on the same IP with the violator. In the case of VPS, that is off the table, because the server is managed only by you, and it has a separate IP.

VPS is the best choice!

If you care about the reputation of your site, and its high performance, want to ensure full control over the server or reached the limit that shared hosting provides, VPS is the best solution. With VPS, you do not need to be afraid that the data may be lost, or you will be banned because of neighbors that share one IP with you. Fast scalability allows you to easily change the configuration at any time and successfully cope with the influx of visitors without any inconvenience for them. For a VPS administrator, this is primarily the ability to fine-tune the server in order to provide the necessary configuration or environment for a particular software. This allows you to optimize the execution of even very heavy software products, the normal operation of which on virtual hosting is simply impossible.

Making your choice is now even easier. With the help of the configuration calculator on our site, you can choose the right number of resources that you need for the fast operation of your applications. If you find it difficult to assess the technical requirements for the VPS, contact our specialists for advice, we are available 24×7 and always ready to help.

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