How to set up a client-to-site VPN in the cloud

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Safety is paramount. Configuring a secure connection to servers via VPN (Virtual Private Network) is one of the most popular tasks assigned to us by our clients. In fact, everything is very simple, and you can easily cope with it independently.

1. Log in to the Apache CloudStack administrative panel under your account details and open Network.

Log in

2. Add a new network by clicking Add Isolated Network. Fill in all the fields and click OK

Add a new network

The network has been created, and now it is displayed in the list of networks.

The network has been created

3. Go to Instances, select a virtual machine, and open NICS

Go to Instances

4. Tap Add Network to VM and OK.

Tap Add Network to VM and OK

5. Open the parameters of the created network and click View IP Addresses to open the list of external IP addresses associated with this network.

Open the parameters of the created network

6. Open the address settings and click Enable Remote Access VPN.

Open the address settings

7. Now we know that for connecting you need to use the newly generated PSK (in our case, kh9g58BfprPq5XADvgKNOBTS).

newly generated PSK

8. Open the VPN tab (it has just appeared) and create users.

Open the VPN tab

The system will continue to create the virtual router, private network, and new interface in the virtual machine for some time.

virtual router

The interface is connected. If your operating system is also configured – the solution is ready to use. If not yet, use our step-by-step instruction.
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