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Recently, we wrote about what CRM systems are, how they are useful for business and how to ensure the most effective operation of this kind of software. Now we would like to talk in detail about the most popular CRM system not only in Ukraine but also in the CIS countries — Bitrix24. And also, about how the cloud solutions from Tucha are beneficial for various tariffs of the box version of this software product.

Today, websites are absolutely necessary. Even if it is an offline business, having a page on the Internet is not a whim but a necessity...

Times when managers kept their records about customers in notepads, or at best in Excel, are gone

More and more companies are hosting their accounting in the cloud. And this is reasonable because the advantages of cloud accounting dismiss all the doubts.

Be a few steps ahead of your competitors. Consolidate your position in the market. Secure all working data...

The case can be used as a ready-made idea for starting a business or a new direction in it, or as an illustration of the fact that based on our cloud, you can beneficially implement almost any dare fantasy for yourself and your customers.

In this article, we will use some examples to tell you about the service of renting a virtual server for remote work of an office, and about how to it

Any startup faces a question: how to reduce financial investments and increase its chances to create a successful project? We have studied this question and offer our answer — cloud technologies.

Our cloud has its time machine, and it is called a snapshot. In other words, the system state at a specific point in time.

We have launched another cool thing that helps visit sites and work with any services anonymously.

Valuable experience should be shared, especially the experience of successful use of cloud services. We will start from the experience of companies whose products and services are widely known around the world. Also, we will and talk about those who have implemented cloud technologies (or are planning to do so) and profitably use the cloud as an advantage over competitors.

We have described several cases using TuchaFlex+ as an example of how to "squeeze" the most out of the cloud. 

So, should you be afraid to store data in the cloud?

The most common three options of cloud systems organization are SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS. In this article, we are going to tell you about IaaS.

The reasons for the transition may be different, but the key condition is that the properties of virtual hosting are not enough for the comfortable operation of a project.

A properly implemented CRM system allows you to significantly increase the level of sales, optimize marketing, and establish customer service by storing information about them in a database and using it as needed

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