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Any startup faces a question: how to reduce financial investments and increase its chances to create a successful project? We have studied this question and offer our answer — cloud technologies.

Our cloud has its time machine, and it is called a snapshot. In other words, the system state at a specific point in time.

We have launched another cool thing that helps visit sites and work with any services anonymously.

Valuable experience should be shared, especially the experience of successful use of cloud services. We will start from the experience of companies whose products and services are widely known around the world. Also, we will and talk about those who have implemented cloud technologies (or are planning to do so) and profitably use the cloud as an advantage over competitors.

We have described several cases using TuchaFlex+ as an example of how to "squeeze" the most out of the cloud. 

So, should you be afraid to store data in the cloud?

The most common three options of cloud systems organization are SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS. In this article, we are going to tell you about IaaS.

The reasons for the transition may be different, but the key condition is that the properties of virtual hosting are not enough for the comfortable operation of a project.

A properly implemented CRM system allows you to significantly increase the level of sales, optimize marketing, and establish customer service by storing information about them in a database and using it as needed

Big business requires innovations, and the innovations require ways of implementation. And that is where cloud technologies appear. Large companies prefer to use them in their developments since flexibility in configuration, simplicity, and cheapness are the main attributes of the cloud. Whether it is a road surface quality monitoring system or software for monitoring robots’ operation, clouds are indispensable

Using properly deployed and implemented modern technologies will increase the productivity of employees and top management. Cloud solutions provide management with essential tools that make doing business more flexible, secure and allow you to save money and optimize your workflow. It is not surprising that the percentage of companies that have switched to the cloud is constantly growing in all business areas.

The main goal of marketing is the client who is satisfied with the company's product. And it is much easier and more convenient to achieve this goal with the use of modern technologies – cloud solutions for business. Moving your apps to the cloud saves you time and money, speeds up your work, and makes it more productive, reliable, and secu

О том, стоит ли это делать, какие выгоды это даст как обычному пользователю, так и руководителю, мы и поговорим в этом материале

The site loading speed and the quality of technical support are the key parameters for the 1C-Bitrix hosting. They will provide you with a serious foundation for the development of your web project

Advantages of using virtual servers and cloud solutions

We will share important information, focusing on critical features to help our clients choose the proper VPS hosting that will fit a chosen CMS.

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